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Of Dallas will be honoring and remembering the five Dallas officers who were ambushed by a gunman during a protest and that happened five years ago. Dallas Councilwoman Carole King Arnold paid tribute to four DPD officers and one dart officer who lost their lives in the line of duty that day, and I want to make sure We never forget Officer. Errands officer Cro Officer Smith Officer Zamarripa officer Brent Thompson, She says. In order for Dallas to move forward, the city must come together and unite as one. And another Republicans thrown his hat into the ring to run for governor of Texas. Allen West Tell W B A P. He's spending time along the border, and what he's seen, has convinced him that new leadership is needed. Now. West is a former Florida congressman who became head of the Texas Republican Party until he resigned that position last month. There are no stock market numbers today due to the holiday right now we do have 87 degrees at the DFW airport and partly cloudy skies from the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. You're next update at 7 30 24 7 coverage is that w b a p dot com To fend for ourselves. It's like we're some outpost somewhere along some territory that the federal government doesn't care about anymore. It started building the wall. It's two months from completion, and this guy stops. What happens next will happen here. That's tragic, and it's dangerous for Texas and Arizona and every other state. It's not like it was with President Trump he cared about Texas used talking 20 w V. A P W b a p dot mm. Listen to that sizzle. That's the sound of America's most trusted, affordable and high quality meat.

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