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Radio one thousand KT. Okay. The Leigh Matthews eight four. Oh, one thousand star one thousand the stripper in Florida got arrested, but not for doing what you think I will tell you what coming up eight four thousand star one thousand also the president speech coming up at eight o'clock. We'll be carrying it right here on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. And Bill Zimper with twenty four seven news. The president may declare a national emergency to build the wall in this speech. But can he declare a national emergency to build the wall? The simple answer to that. Lee is yes. Yeah. He can he can deliver or declare a state of emergency. And but it's interesting how the whole evolution of this comes about here in our constitution. There is no provision for emergency powers for the president. So that has been up to congress over the centuries. Really so ads of the seventies. There were over four hundred statutes the granting special powers to the president in the event of an emergency. Now, congress really tried to hurt all those together. And maybe restrained things a bit in one thousand nine hundred seventy six when they passed the national emergencies act. However, that's still does not define win a national emergency can be declared, and what that national emergency is or could be so for that reason the president could declare a state of emergency based on the broad powers. He has his president. And even if you really drill down into the codes and sections. Subsections? He could mobilize money from the defense defense department to build a wall. So the simple answer. Yes. He can and Bill in his address tonight. If he does make that announcement, how quickly could something be turned around. Well, there will be immediate action. I don't think he's gonna make that announcement tonight. I think tonight is going to be a sales pitch for his wall. He is supposed to visit the southern border Thursday. I think if there's no resolution to this government shutdown by the weekend, then we may talk about it. But if that is the open question there, if he does that then what this may lead us into uncharted territory. No doubt and really kind of a deep dark tangled jungle of litigation and legislation that really could last for years. And. If he does do this does make this announcement with that then restart the government. I mean, that's because he will get his wall, I suppose so but then it that's a good question about that. Because it still would have to go through congress. Does this would I I mean with the Democrats? I don't know. I'm not sure how exactly that were. That's a great question. Right. Well, I'm led to believe that if he did do this Democrats would do something to stop it like you said, and and it would stop pretty quickly. So again, maybe this is just a sales pitch tonight to say, look, we need to do this for safety. Is he trying to get Republicans that might be wavering responding to pressure from their constituents to to to come back to his side. Yeah, he is just trying to build some type of following here in some type of support here for a border wall. Because that has been the big issue. He says that a number of federal employees who. May even be laid off at this point are supporting his efforts, he has provided no statistics to to support that. But an- Andy says the majority of Americans are in support of border security. So he is trying to basically gain support for this whole thing and to get people to call their congressmen and call your senators and say, hey, we have to get this done, and I want the border wall. So that's what tonight is all about. I it's interesting to see if the Democrats will be given equal time. I haven't seen any indication of that as of yet, but the requested it because they want to rebut the president. And they say it all comes down to the administration using faulty data for a lot of their claims. Well, I I don't know about that. But you know, I don't I don't I don't know that the president is is as is as fixated on a physical wall as he wants a political wall as well. A statement not only to Mexico, but to the world we will. Enforce our immigration laws. Yeah. And I think that's right. And I think that it is more of a political wall at this point physical wall at the border that any also wants to make a point that that hit the policies that he wants to promote are the ones because he is the president of the United States are the ones that should be given the most priority. So and of course, this is a long standing campaign promise as made. But if we go ahead here with the wall project, boy, this'll be a topic of discussion for some time to come. I agree and build Semper. Thanks for the update on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. And we'll have to see what the president is going to do because we heard conversation right before I hit the air that that may not be part of the speech the declaration of a national emergency eight four thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. If you're a stripper where are you going to hide your gun, especially if you wanna make a terrorist attack with? We'll explore that in four minutes. Oklahoma's.

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