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Let me tell you about this guy. Darrelle Davis is musician Plays all kinds of music piano. He Plays Country Rock and Roll Blues. Brilliant Musician Shen and he also has converted racists he has converted KKK members. Now it's up to around two hundred toward two hundred racist and even Nazis have given up their this ideology toxic thing that they were doing because of this man's work and the story is incredibly inspiring. I don't WanNa say anymore. I just want you to listen to it. One of my favorite podcasts. In a long time please welcome. Daryl Davis the Joe Rogan experience. podcast Hey Jim hey how you doing my pleasure. Thank you for being here really appreciate it. Thank you I read your story. I saw a thing about you on. NPR and and Is Crazy you've converted. How many people two hundred KKK members? You've got them to drop the robes. Some directly indirectly is. How did that happen happen? Wow I keep winning into these guys I mean I'm a musician by trade right blue rock and roll Blues Blues Swing Jazz degrees in Jazz. But Hey I'll I'll play whatever you want me to play and you're paying on playing so everybody likes music even the KKK. So use that to to my advantage. I was playing in a bar. One night in Frederick Maryland a non white bar and when I say white I don't mean that blacks couldn't go in when I mean is that blacks chose not to go in. They weren't welcome and here. I wasn't this bar this country aband- a friend of mine span. I was only black guy in the band. Only black guy in the bar and upon finishing the first set this. I'm walking to the to the ban table and somebody came up and put their arm around my shoulder to see who it was way. Gentlemen Maybe fifteen years older than me and he says yeah. Yeah I really enjoy your music. I said thank you. And and he pointed at the stage and said you know. I've seen this ban before by never seen you before. Would you come from. Yeah you know. They they played here before. But this is my first time in this place. I just joined the band and he said man. I really like your piano plan. This is the first first time I ever heard a black man play piano like Jerry. Lee Lewis and I wasn't I wasn't offended but I was rather surprised. Surprised because as I say guys like maybe fifteen years older than me and he didn't he did not know the black origin of Joyti. There was a style of Pinot plan. I explained it to him. I got it from the same place. Jerry Lee did from Black Blues and Boogie. woogie piano players where the guy was incredulous are not Nigeria invented. That I never heard no black men play like that. If you something okay with this guy never heard of little Richard or fats domino and I look man I know Jerry. Lewis is a friend of mine. He's told me himself with another play. The Guy that I buy that Jerry Lee him by the jury leader anything from black people but he was so fascinated that he wanted to buy me a drink a novelty to him so that was table had a cranberry juice and then he announces this. This is the first time I was sat down. Had A drink with the black man and now I'm I'm the one who's incredulously. How can that be you know? I've sat down with thousands thousands of white people. Anybody else had a meal a beverage conversation. How's it this guy had never done that and innocently I asked him? I said why hit hit an answer me at first. He stared down at the table. Top and I asked him again and his buddies sitting next to him elbowed him in the side. I said tell him tell him tell him awesome. Awesome tell me mystery planners day and he says I'm a member of the ku-klux-klan well I burst out laughing. It was getting weirder by the second. Yeah and I knew a lot about the plan. I had been studying racism since I was a ten year old kid because of an incident. That happened to me back. Then I bought both on black supremacy white supremacy the KKK the Nazis neo-nazis his Trip to try to understand this mentality and I knew clansman would not come up and just throw his arm around some black guy shoulder and praises talent and want to hang out with him by my drink so this guy's jerking me around some laughing and he goes inside his pocket and put his wallet and Producers Klan Membership Card. They have cards. Oh Yeah Yeah. He gave me his card. I looked at it. And I recognize the Klan insignia which is a red red circle with a white cross and a red blood drop in the center of the Cross and I was oh man the sense for real so I stopped writing. It wasn't fun on anymore and I gave it back to him and we chatted about the clan and different things but the dude gave me his phone number and wanted me to call him the whatever I was to return to this bar so he could bring his friends. Meaning clansman Atlanta's women to see this black guy player Julie. I'm not sure. He called me black-eyed to his friends. But I call you so I will call him every six weeks on a Wednesday or Thursday. Hey man you know. We're down at the Daughter Friday and Saturday coming out. He come up both nights he bring clansman and class women and they come and gather around the bandstand and and watch me for the piano or get out there and dance to our music. Now you know they didn't come in robes and hoods right they came in three close and On the breakout Goethe's table. Say hello some of them are very curious. They'd hang out there and WanNa meet me talk to me others would be coming and get up and take off and go stands by the part of the room where it's like. I just WanNa see you. I don't want to deal with you kind of So that was fine and I decided later on and I would write a book because I've been looking for an answer to a question that I had formed when I was aged ten. My question was how can you hate me when you don't even know me. And this was a result of having marched in a cub scout parade at the the age of ten being the only black scout in this up parade and while most people on the streets and sidewalks which hearing us we we were watching from Lexington to Concord Massachusetts to commemorate the writer. Paul Revere and people were waving flags and yelling and screaming. The British are coming and all the time except for one small pocket of people who were throwing rocks and bottles at me and at age. Ten My first thought was. Oh those people over there. Don't like the scouts. That's how naive I was. It wasn't until my den mother. My master my troop leader all came rushing over and huddled over me with their bodies these white people and escorted me out of the danger. But I realized I was only target because nobody nobody else was giving this protection and these were adults or these other children were a maybe about five people. I'm a couple of kids. Maybe my age a year older and some adults adults were throwing rocks and bottles at a ten year old boy. That's correct. Wow and I I I kept saying to my my scout leaders. I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything because now I'm trying to find out. What did I do right? You know why they're doing this to me Eh right and it keeps shushing me telling me to move along. It'd be okay so that never answered. The question is why this is happening when I got home that day. After for this parade my mother and father who were not there were putting mature chrome and bandaids on me and ask me how that fall down and get all scraped up I. If I didn't fall down I told them exactly what had happened for the first time in my life my mom and dad sat me down and explain to me Eh. What racism was at the age of ten? I had never heard the term racism now. What year was nineteen sixty eight I'll tell you why because my dad was a US foreign service so we spend a lot of time overseas every two years. Here's you go to a country. You're there for two years. Come back home for a few months and they get reassigned another country so when I was overseas uh-huh elementary school. My classes were filled with kids from all over the world. Anybody who had an embassy in those countries all of US embassy kids would have the same school. My class was full of kids from Nigeria Italy France Germany Japan Russia. You name it If you were to open the door to my classroom stick your head in you say this United Nations a little kids because that's exactly what it was and we all got along then. I would come home after that two year assignment and I would be in either all black schools or all white schools. I'm sorry all black or all black and white schools meaning meaning the still segregated or the newly integrated schools and there was not the amount of diversity in my classroom that I had overseas today. You walk into a classroom mm-hmm you know you can't tell from from all over so literally Between nine hundred sixty one and like nineteen sixty eight seventy. I was wondering about twelve years into the future when I was living overseas. Because that multicultural scene had yet to come to this country and when it did of course I was already prepared unfortunately many of my peers. We're not so I didn't experience. Racism had I live here. My you know my whole life I might have had a different perspective and not taking this path So I was very curious about and fascinated with it. How can somebody hit you? And you don't even know you it was just beyond my comprehension and I knew something was wrong because the people who did this to me did not look any different than my little French friends my Swedish friends or my fellow Americans from the embassy or for that matter my I fellow Americans right there at the school where I went where we did the march so I knew it wasn't a color thing in fact when my parents told told me this I did not believe my parents I thought for some reason my parents aligned to me because my ten year old brain could not process the idea that as someone who had never seen me had never spoken to me knew nothing about me would want to inflict pain upon me for no other reason than the color of my skin so oh I do not believe them well a month and a half later that same year nineteen sixty eight on April the fourth Martin Luther King was assassinated committed and I remember it very well We were in Massachusetts Saint Louis and a nearby Boston Washington. DC my hometown Chicago Illinois Philadelphia. Detroit Baltimore which Mun. La All burned to the ground with violence and destruction option. All in the name of this new word I had learned call racism and so then I realized my parents are told me the truth this this phenomenon on call. Racism does exist. But why I don't understand why okay so it's here but why and so. That's what I formed that question. How view hate me? We don't even know me and so I've been looking for the answer to that question now for fifty one years I'm sixty one years old so.

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