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Cheney putt shop employee has confessed to another murder while in jail komos eric heintz has more donovan corpses already in jail as he's charged in the murder of cameron smith now in an interview with spokane tv station cage q he says he stabbed to death another man on the aca my reservation over the summer because that man and kill the mother of his child cope says the man confessed to the killing of felina metzker and cobb spent months planning the revenge killing authorities have and confirm cults connection to that killing or if that man is actually dead eric heintz komo news a homeless woman is accused of trying to steal an infant for peremet apartment in fife and then stabbing at the teenager who was watching the child prosecutors say the boy was babysitting as infant cousin when the woman came inside and demanded to use the bathroom when she tried to leave a half hour later voice as she tried to take the child with her with a boy tried to stop her that's when police said she grabbed a knife and tried to stab and punched him the tacoma news tribune reports the woman ran off but was later caught but police albany night of the nba season was overshadowed by a serious injury to one of the league stars gordon hayward signed a one hundred twenty milliondollar contract with the boston celtics in the offseason but less than ten minutes into the season opener hayward suffered a gruesome leg injury dover injures there you never see common unit cleveland cavaliers star lebron james who was on the court when it happened hayward was taken from the hushed arena on a stretcher diagnosed with a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia celtics coach brad stevens said his entire team was affected and mechanism trying to take the human element out of it there's no timetable yet for hayward's recovery crying clarke abc news and if you have a chance to see that video don't don't don't watch it already gross against my better judgement i did this morning and head with a nasty injury the report of lebrun james in the cleveland cavaliers door opened the season with a rather bold statement last night that he made on his shoes he wore shoes that red equality on the back the future hall famer has been an outspoken critic of the current administration and says it will continue to be an example and.

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