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Hi and welcome back to coast to coast George in order with you we're back with Chris Duane his websites are linked up at coast to coast AM dot com and of course we'll take your calls this hour Chris the theory that this was concocted in a laboratory in Wuhan this coronavirus what do you think of that nobody we don't know you know it could be a bio weapon you know if you look at it from the American point of view would be very convenient to you know maybe put a Harvard professor over there was some bio weapon and drop it into a place where you know China has a lot of viral infection research that goes on there I mention before it will launch the first city to be covered with five G. so maybe it's a five G. thing maybe it's a bio weapon I don't know you know what I do now I think this is the first time in humanity that we actually get to sit down and consciously decide what we're going to do with our lives so I know the skies over Cleveland if you've always been hazing and now for the last three days I've had blues guys I've gotten to spend the last two weeks of my children connecting with them I've got to have real deep conversations with people talking about what would work they're dealing with you know job loss and suicide it connected with people online an old complaint this is about why we're here on earth we're not here to be consumers are not here to have the latest greatest anything we're not here to consume and destroy the planet we're here to grow and evolve work with ourselves work with their families and all of my work at the planet we we have so much potential seven point seven billion people what would we do if we weren't under struggling under dat we can have that folks we can just turn this around will this make us a closer people forced us to we'll have to have manic manners and values and you know honor again if you're gonna work in the tried and right now it was very easy for people to kinda nestled payments and that of different communities because they can always just pay people for you know services but I think once we get to a place where money is really not available or you know the you know is the system breaks down you're gonna realize that the only people that really care about your you know fans friends and family maybe your family is not you know who who should be with you know maybe there's a lot of toxic relationships that we put up with in our own personal lives the need to end and you know I know there's a lot of marriages stay together for money is a lot of people who do jobs that they don't like because the money and it'll be interesting to see what you mean and he can do if money wasn't the prime directive of everything that we did do a lot of people are gonna get hurt with the situation Chris I can feel it I can see it absolutely miss because they don't they didn't see it coming and and I don't blame people they like we were brought up in a system that indoctrinated them into just doing what were told them and not realizing I mean why don't we teach kids monetary history you know psychology in school now they don't teach us things that adults would need and used to see you know problems so yeah I do think a lot of people are gonna get hurt and I make them I'm imploring those that are listening that there is still time before this economic hyperinflation tsunami does hat because we're already out of toilet paper what's going to happen this is an interesting statistic before the financial crisis right before this recent collapse fifty percent of Americans can combos come couldn't come up with four hundred dollars an emergency exactly exactly now we have the economy that's been shut down for in a week or two potentially up to another months four or more for more info and they they're they're using this to hijack us and to scare us into taking whatever pill that they have and as soon as this money does come they're they're giving us money like were part of it and this is always been about you know it getting something for nothing in the all the schemes have to and because the government can't give out money that they don't have without destroying the currency so they're not giving us anything they're just destroying the currency and they're putting profits back into the guys that created the problem so if there's any justice in the world we would start saying Hey no more fractional reserve banking no privately owned banks like the federal reserve controlling our money why do we have debt debt based money why can't we have treasury notes is that freedom trust why don't we introduce silver and gold back into our our currency AT get back to the federal power we don't have this hugely expensive military industrial complexes spans the entire world you know doing what bring our troops home always.

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