President Trump, Senator Kamala Harris, Prime Minister discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Sham contrary to what. The prime minister has just said there was no flexibility. There were no negotiations. Nothing has changed. Saying that a no deal. Brexit should be avoided, by the way, the prime minister does say that an extension could be in the works. And she would think about that. The US has asked North Korea to freeze nuclear production during the tentative talks chosen report reportedly coming out of the meetings. We told you yesterday we're going on in Sweden running for history. California's Senator Kamala Harris has announced she is running for president a woman of African American and Indian descent while we're talking about fighting for the values that we hold sacred deer. When it comes to talking about how we fight for the American people and have leadership in this country that is focused on the needs of the people instead of self interest. I'm prepared to fight that way, Bloomberg Sahil Kapur says the issues. Here is that African American voters are a huge presence in the Democratic Party. They were instrumental and picking Hillary Clinton I've been nominee in two thousand sixteen at Barack Obama is the nominee in two thousand eight Harris former district attorney in San Francisco, attorney general the state of California, and now US Senator in San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Doug, sir. All right. Our guest for the half hours Brock silvers. He is managing director you on capitol. Joining us from our studios in Hong Kong. It's always a pleasure Brock. We had that GDP number for the fourth quarter in China disappointing as it was. I mean, it was largely I think discounted by the market already. And then we have president. She stressing this need to maintain political stability ostensibly because of the the social obliga- implications of a weaker economy. I mean, what do we make this? Well, I I really think it's all about the economy and Beijing is just I think telegraphing that it gets the seriousness of the economic situation and. And look this sort of a downturn is the first time it's happened in in generations here. So they're understandably nervous about how that's going to play out. Yeah. In terms of the numbers themselves is there was kind of interesting, isn't it with China? The the numbers are often from what they say. The numbers are going to be. And I found it fascinating that the 2017 number got revised down just before the twenty eight hundred numbers got released that was the optics stunt. You know, there were there were worse revisions than that. There was there were data revisions dating back more than a decade that were announced recently. Now, I don't know what new information we get now that makes us revisit decade old data, but looking in general, I just don't think the current numbers are all that reliable. The data came in very close to expectation and some metrics were better than expected, but Chinese data never comes in far from expectation and never below it. So either we're dealing with the greatest economy metric forecasters known in the history of mankind or somehow the the numbers are being gained a bit. Well, and if they are being gamed perhaps. Given the con- comments from president. She maybe things are a lot worse than than the market believes. We don't know for sure my personal guess is that growth is lower than stated and that Xi Jinping. Probably sees the real picture, and is is rightly nervous about it. So if growth is low than stated, can we maybe expected stimulus at greater than has been stated. Yes. And I think if in throughout the remainder of this year, if if the economy doesn't turn around we're likely to see we're likely to see them throw all types of stimulus the problem, everything, including the kitchen sink. I think is on the table here. Whether or not that would be useful. We we can debate that. But the question is whether or not the US China trade war is is perhaps a more significant drag than we believe, I mean, even before the trade war started. We knew that the Chinese were de leveraging the economy from excessive credit levels, and we were given.

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