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She wrote a okay, so today, Jordan, you have the Cudi Rudy interview. But first Julie's a you have an update on nasty ripka on Tuesday. The Washington Post reported that nasty ribka pleaded guilty in Thailand to teaching sex Menards and was sentenced to immediate deportation. And then on Thursday, we learned from the guardian that as soon as nasty ripka arrived at the Moscow airport for safe passage. She immediately was arrested, and I'm basically, I feel like she's going to be tortured and killed. I think she'll be murdered. Yeah. I mean, that's what they do. Yeah. We got a lot of questions about that. And I it doesn't. I don't think it looks good. And it's terrifying and horrible that they would promise her safe passage through Moscow to Belarus and then while she's changing planes. They told us you have to change planes in Moscow. Thank she had to be like, really, bro. That's what we need to. And then she was put she was just immediately detained and the. Yeah, they it was pretty rough to was-. Isn't. Yeah. It wasn't peaceful at all pardon me. Ma'am. You come with us very clear, they took four of the seven people that came from Thailand with her and they're facing up to six years in prison so in Russia Russian prison. Yeah. I'm wondering is there any sort of higher like the UN or something that could maybe try to step in at all? Because with kashogi, for example. I don't think people saw that coming at all they didn't know that they didn't have intelligence that. He was coming into that consulate in that something might happen to him. But this is so blatantly obvious that she has a target on her back. It's like is there anyone that can step in? All I don't know. I really don't I know that our FBI went to Thailand to try to talk to her, and and shouldn't get access she backtracked her story to which can't help her case for being rescued saying that only dare POSCO could have the exactly postcode gets. I think. I think Muller would have seen through that. It was probably something that she was forced to say. Yeah. That makes sense. And that's why Muller. I think that's why they sent some FBI agents over there to try to get access to. I don't they. But they weren't allowed access. Oh, yeah. They were just turned away. Wow. Yeah. I mean, I can imagine. She would speak up if she could if she had the platform a whole keep an eye on the story. I don't know that we're gonna hear much more about it. Honestly. Yeah. I hope they tell us something regardless of what happens is awful as outcome. Could be. I hope we just know. Yeah. All right. Well, thanks for that reporting. Scary. Yeah. And thank you. That is Jordan. What you got? All right. So the mouth shooters back this week. We miss you Guliani. Thank you for opening your mouth again because it just keeps getting better really in a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday this week Giuliani went on national television for a nother installment of the loop the truth tour and told the nation that he never said members of Trump's campaign did not collude with Russia. He only said that the president himself. I didn't and Cuomo's like, yeah. You did right roller tape. That was good. I wasn't. I watched that Cuomo was good in that interview. He he was calling him out. Like, he's like, no you did. Yes. That no one did. I mean at this point to the people interviewing him have to know what's coming. He's going to say some shit that in this entirely at that a call to what he said. So they're like, let's just look back at what he said just screen shot at all just having ready to go. Yeah. Already to go when he opens his mouth, I have to say that I loved the response on Twitter when Cuomo put that out CNN put that out Joyce white Vance put that out wouldn't it CNN. Yeah. CNN? Yeah. And everybody was like tagged us in it. They're like, oh Leuven the truth. Look militarize limited motion real causes Lubin the truth. I'm like, John. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's true Giuliani. He said he said this exact quote, there is not a single bit of evidence of that the president United States committed the only crime that you can commit here conspiring with the Russians to hack.

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