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The ufc trojans will it be the final game for you i see quarterback sam donald he has not made it announcement as to what his future will be maybe he will after the game by todd mcshane released his mock 10 sam darnell was the number one projected overall pick this is got to be the third and final game of our tripleheader here at espn radio we started off with the bell poland if he could keep up with the scoring god bless you your gifts this bates dot calling affair catch this guy has it at the 42 process midfielder midfield according to the 35 to the thirty just the quantity fifty five will make it easy as touchdown since he bangs his debates fifty nine yards to the house in the end wake forest is hanging onto a 55 bit the two laid circle ticks this serving the c past start froze over the battle to cook it turned it for any radley look task sale too hard to say that is to call off tour match chick michael a junior at the call the belt body as being radio wake forest did 895 sees him they beat check to see them fifty five to fifty till the hundai son bowl another highscoring affair n c state hung fifty two on arezzo to stay to wolf pack win it fifty to thirty one how is this now the pac 12 they are one in six this bowl sees it this six losses are other most ever for the conference that game you just heard the francoamerican mortgage music city bowl break finish northwestern hangs on to be kentucky twenty four to twenty three i'm kevin winter there's also one of the game going on new mexico state in a ballgame for the first time in sixty years they are trailing utah state twenty two thirteen there in the fourth quarter of the noble home loans arizona bowl that's going to do for us with college football by presented by champion the gear cotton bowl classic got espn radio presented by.

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