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Die hard fans, proud sponsors of the fighting a line I sure to stop by your local 40 there, check out the best selling trucks in America for the last 43 years. Illinois since 1 54 left in the first quarter have 60 yards of offense that Chase Brown 16 yard gain the longest run of the day. A lot. I had an eighth place 75 yard drive to go up 14 nothing but have struggled. The ball. Since now, Iowa's defense is really solid. It's tough to score points on these guys 20 straight games of 25 points or less by an opponent. When I will loses, they lose narrowly, so you're gonna have to be said earlier. Take it from him and Illinois down right now. 21 14. We start the fourth. Yeah, I mean, they're able to have success by being balanced early on to get their running game going again with chase around a couple of tough runs in there, But it's really gonna come down the Brandon Peters being able to complete passes. It's gonna be joshing that okay, babe. Dining of our O'Casey Washington Daniel Barker's had a couple of receptions here. David Illinois's has got to get going on offense get a couple more first downs on again. It's gonna probably take another explosive play Brian really, to crack open this Iowa, Illinois will have it at their own 25 facing second and seven years ago from right to left. Now to start the fourth quarter. Peter started eight of eighties two for his last 10 Brown is the back goes in motion gets the hand off enough to do with their back to the line of scrimmage. Gift that Sean Gholston wraps him up there. They're slamming their head into a brick wall, thereby trying to running between the tackles right now. I mean, it had a little success getting out on the edge, but it was kind of a started brown on one side and there's the play. He went around the other side and then ran back the other way way. Gholston had none of that little window dressing, third and seven Illinois No game from their own 25 down 21 14 early in the fourth. I watch a lot of guys in line of scrimmage back to pass. Peter's pocket closes down, he goes back inside the 15 or near the 15 of the 17. That's where they're gonna say he was stopped shoving back a little further. Davion Nixon and Joe Evans score progress at the quarterback. Ball came race fourth down. Yeah, that time. You know they're just able to get around the edge, and they got the four defensive lineman crowd around up from not getting in a three points. And so I run a twist on the inside with the defensive tackles, but it's really just happens. Winning on a pass rush outside against Julian, Pearl Martini and Jones deep for the punch here, Blake Hayes has been busy here since the early moments of the second quarter. And now what full start somebody flicks from shifted offense 34 yard penalty fourth down each team now with three penalties in the game, total yardage. Iowa 305, Illinois to 10. A lot. I were over 100 yards, and now they're back below 100 rushing yards and 94 Chase Brown 16 carries for 66. Goodson has 63 for Iowa now backed up in his end zone is Blake Hayes, and he gets the runaway line drive kick will take a bounce in midfield, picked up by Charlie Jones running left, 40 left sideline out of bounds. One of the best 100 Turner's in the Big 10, and he showed why there took it on the bounce and sip dying later. The Of sideline to his left, runs it to the Illinois 32 yard line. Yeah, that's Alex pills from where number 95 again Starting guard a couple times this'd year we all might had their covert issues. With Bill Stern's kind of back there is a protector on the punt team, saying Wait a minute. I didn't sign up to be trying to make tackles here and winds up running into the one of the returning to the silent, But Iowa with a very short field here, had a field position has improved markedly since early in the game. 21 14, Iowa 13 25 to go in the game Hand on tailback Goodson up the middle 35 30 Alana trying to rip it away, But he's down to the 16 yard line again of 16 on the run by Goodson. Well, I'll tell you what, you get down to touch down. So these guys, you're in big trouble. Sidney Brown on the stop. I mean, the Iowa offensive line just obliterated the only defensive line right there got about four yards a line search right off the bat again this year. My defense. Is that out there quite a bit, But it's gonna It's gonna be a takeaway. You feel like it's a state of complete Get into the end zone first in 10. I went for the 16 yard run there in the red Zone of the Illinois 16 couple of tight ends back to pass. Here is Beatrice Eyes, the field Frozen right looking for his tight end. Nice catch. Touchdown. Iowa down the right sideline. Shawn Fire! Hawkeye's League grows to 27 14. I'm going to the tight ends pretty sure he was inbounds when he caught it. Yeah, that's just great. That's a great throw in a great catch by buyer. He's lined up in the slide just runs a fate outside receiver comes inside tight coverage and then you a city. Brown, who had him was really tight coverage, but good throw better catch. Fire with his first touchdown cancer the year the senior from the state of Iowa have two good tight ends reported fire and that's I'm buyer down. The right side makes a 27 14, Iowa 12 40 to go with the game. They may look at it. Blowing on the field was a touchdown again. Our reviews brought to you by the geese College of business of geese were more than a business. We're business on purpose business on purpose. I like that. It's like that. That's pretty good. Yeah, I mean, it looked like he had certainly looked like a leg foot here you down in the end, so it doesn't matter. Does he have possession of the ball certainly looked like it where I was standing. But If it stands to place 32 yards.

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