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Well a deep return an independent him pay before vanity was their front horns a was an in independent mp and tony window was one of two mps who helped labor to form government when life i was in the same situation of minority government back when julie gilaad was prime minister tony window would luckily run against banovic joe's again he did run against him at the last election last year and he didn't win so there's every chance monby would defeat him and it certainly likely that if the high court which is now going to determine olaf's dismiss decides that he is ineligible and calls for pulls a byelection it's possible he can renounce his citizenship in time to be a candidate again said look at my obey aci but it's not very stable and it said not terrific from malcolm turnbull had really rather be talking about op of things do we yet no whereas anybody looked into how many dozens of fraudulent parliamentarians a strange ahmad of endured over the years i mean i'm i'm thinking in terms of obviously our longest longestserving prime minister sir robert menzies who actually described himself as british to the bootstraps of as anyone checked as to whether remote but might literally actually have been true well yes and in fact we night at one prime minister wasn't ustralian chris watson who was prime minister the fed prime minister of his jailing of australia at he had one parent it was born in latin america and another parent now that was english as they that marriage breakup stepfather took the bucks family to new zealand and he can for new zealand to his trolley and it seems he was comey a british subject which we will in a shiny were up until relatively recent decades.

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