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It indicates that the people who are making this don't care enough to have done that and it also indicates i think more importantly in eagerness in eagerness to break some sort of bury any sort of barrier whatsoever in terms of being the first to do something in the diversity space and it's getting to the point of being somewhat ridiculous where you can even you know there's an article malt will pull it up later perhaps them in the next segment that i i wrote action or dead i didn't write it but i sought i think actually brad pulled it up when his if i can find if you're an article regarding the here it is from the washington post why doesn't the muslim community look up to its black celebrity he's now the premise of this article is that oh it's great that that muslims are getting so much attention in hollywood they're winning all kinds of awards apparently i dunno i don't unattractive stuff and they're getting all sorts of recognition in hollywood but why is it that the black moslems aren't getting enough attention from the muslim community and from the broader hollywood community as a result of the work that they've been doing well remember when there was that actor who said that if you don't put blacks muslims on television that will encourage people to blow themselves up here yeah that was that was a guy who played in star wars actually yeah and what's happening here with this is indeed devolve is this trend to move the goalposts on diversity every two to the point where it's always a little bit further out of reach from third nirvana of total tolerance in this this kind of the i i deal that's unattainable of perfect tolerance whatever that looks like we're always in a couple more miles away from it is and we've got to demonstrate that by highlighting that no it's great that muslims are getting recognize in hollywood but what about the black moslems it's great that we've had a a black lead in the star trek series benjamin cisco in deep space nine but what about a female black lead we need to have a female black leave out and before you know it i'm.

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