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And rewards in a jury has been deliberating since five fifteen this afternoon in the aggravated assault trial of former mesquite police officer Derek widely he's accused of shooting Lindo Jones an unarmed man defense attorney Raphael Sierra said Wiley was acting under stress and didn't know Jones didn't have a weapon whose realtor officer one this is a life I'm mauling not yours only one also last year a jury could not reach a verdict with the same evidence I Dallas County court judge puts a hold the fort worth's quest for new police chief KRLD is Andrew Greenstein has more from the Dallas County courthouse judge Gina slaughter granted the lawyers for ousted fort worth police chief Joe fitzgerald a fourteen day restraining order during this time the city will be unable to hire or permanent police chief to replacements Gerald his attorney Stephen Kennedy argued that the city failed to follow due process in firing is claimed by not having a public hearing and having the letter written by an assistant city manager the city argued that but still complain to that will and that any possibility of fitzgerald's reinstatement would dissuade potential candidates for the job the next hearing is scheduled for August first at the Dallas County courthouse into Greenstein newsradio ten eighty K. R. O. the a Tarrant county jury will now decide the fate of a rapper who was convicted of murder care all these Austin your cast more a more McIntyre also known as take a forty seven was found guilty of murder and robbery this morning and now faces between five and ninety nine years in prison the sentencing phase is under way McIntyre was found not guilty of the more serious charge of capital murder which would have carried a mandatory forty year sentence McIntyre was accused of participating in a home invasion and robbery in Mansfield in two thousand sixteen during which a man was killed McIntyre was given home confinement but cut off his ankle monitor Amaran he was arrested in New Jersey after a nationwide manhunt while on the run prosecutors say he killed a man in San Antonio and robin beat another in an Arlington park Austin York news radio ten eighty KRLD Dallas police say two thirteen year olds and a twenty year old are responsible for shooting a fifteen year old to death that happened before noon today along north deadly Dr police say the victim at another teen were sitting in a car but they were approached by the three suspects in a brown Dodge caravan to make it Dameron with Dallas police as a thirteen year old approach to teens in the car and started firing killing one of them the vehicle that was driven by the witness stand.

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