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Billion dividend to help keep businesses open and Ohio ones employed. If approved, this would be the third dividend for Ohio business owners since the pandemic began. The bureau expected meet next week. For final approval. Latest covert 19 numbers in Ohio 2607 new cases yesterday 17 new depths, bringing the confirmed case count. Of 193,000. Plus, how about this? The company Clorox with a device that can detect Cove. It'd really Clorox showing off a new device it, says Khun detective students or displaying Cove in 19 symptoms. Steve Martell of current Studios explains how it works. There is a microphone in the device, and it is trained to look at the unique frequencies that are coughs and sneezes. The temperature is monitored with the thermal Sensor. ABC News Medical contributor. Dr Mark Abdelmalek says attack is compelling all along. This is a race between us and the virus and any tool that we can use to give us a head start can really help. But tracking the Corona virus is often more complicated than simply watching for symptoms. People could be asymptomatic and still have cove. It. That means no cough, No sneeze. No running nose, No fever. Alex Stone ABC News Tic tac Tic tac five days now and counting until the general election. The new poll of likely voters in Wisconsin from ABC News and The Washington Post shows Joe Biden with a 17 point lead in Wisconsin 57. Okay. Maybe not. Let's head to a Wall Street instead and find out how stocks did yesterday. Stocks continue to fall for a third day this week, with investors worried about the effects of covert 19 on the economy. The Dow dropped 943 points the S and P 500 gave up 120. The NASDAQ closed down 428 all three indices losing more than 3.5%. The markets hate uncertainty. And as cases of the virus rise with the possibility of more renewed restrictions on businesses and with Washington stalled on a new economic relief package. There isn't a lot of incentive for traders to buy. The government agreed to buy initial doses of an experimental covert antibody drug from Eli Lilly that patients could received if the FDA grants emergency access to it. The drug has helped some mild to moderate Leo patients avoid being hospitalized, but experts say more study is needed. Boeing will cut more jobs as it continues to lose money in revenue with the pandemic smothering demand for new planes. Jetmaker says it plans to eliminate about 130,000 jobs by the end of next year. Daria Aldinger ABC news and I'm Rob Carpenter, You're next updated 1 30 Breaking news Any time news radio 700 wlw here to drive you to your doctor's appointment. We finished early. What do you mean, with my humanity? Medicare advantage plan Telehealth appointments with my doctor recovered. Well, that's great. Well, That's human care Forya. Humana wants its members to get the care they need. Even at home. Humana offers new ways to focus on your health at home because humanity isn't just health here. It's human humanism. Medicare advantage H M O P. Pio and Pff s organisation with Medicare contract Enrollment in any humanity plan depends on contract renewal. And I'm dropping my McDonnell's orders Go when I get. I always get a big marks. No pickles for me, please. Then I get to meet a prize catch major really show for your story, so they just made it. Official. J. Poppa. We'll get it on with Donna. And if you order it to the authorities on me, that's right for participating with developments today CIA for details or use a trademark international group under licence. The Mask I wear tells you that I care about your health and mine. My mask doesn't define me. It protects us. My mask doesn't restrict me. It defends us. My mask isn't scary. It shows compassion for everyone. My mask doesn't help me back. It moves us forward. The mask I wear is for you. And for me, let's all mask of California and stop the spread of covert 19..

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