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Well i initially fell can not in my stomach and then um i realized i have just witnessed a powerful act of hypocrisy a president trump says one thing and then does another thing he says he's interested in the porta rican economy any this socalled tax reform he and posted a twenty percent income tax whatever products come in from puerto rico yesterday was the day when fina said they were going to stop all distribution of water and supplies to really the trump administration um has not downright thought the people of puerto rico and go we have papachrysostomou ultimate price you we all work was granted a citizenship in 1917 just in the nick at times to be drafted four world war one and we have participated at shit or blood in every conflict ever since uh the truth is that you watched effort of the trump administration has been so catastrophic back it is really turned a really bad situation into a humanitarian crisis and a violation off the human rights or the puerto rican consul mir crews i thank you very much for joining us today but please at thank you and uh i want to thank all the canadians that continue to write to us and sends their above and our gratitude goes to un please don't forget us uh there are a lot of people's out here to still arches wages war against life i'm fit all right we'll all the best in your continued efforts at to recovering from all of this thank you very much by carmen julian cruz is the mayor of san juan puerto rico that is where we reached her.

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