Despite Trump's promise to end family separations, officials have yet to issue a plan to reunite children with parents


Immigrant children with their parents lorella freely of the american civil liberties union is willing to take their word for it the us government pan mobilized its resources if there is a sense of urgency and a commitment to carrying this through a protest involving thousands in brownsville texas was meant to keep the pressure on the government to reunite immigrant families jim ryan abc news on the us mexico border with the announcement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy's retirement president trump's expected to draw a court nominee from a list circulated during his campaign abc news supreme court contributor kate shaw looks at issues the court could face in the very near future not impossible and maybe not even unlikely that some kinds of disputes around the constitutionality of the special counsel who is looking into the activities of the trump campaign and to some degree the president's time in office i dispute about the authority of that special counsel requirements at the president or senior staff members turnover documents those kinds of disputes could very well end up in the federal courts in the very near term and potentially in the supreme court list of twenty five names now reportedly down to just five and all toys r us.

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