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Org Number thirty thirty so the Champ Qamar Uz. Men came out two days ago. And he calls out Conor McGregor. In fact I believe if I had my facts a little bit more in it was Ali who came out and just said hey connor it looks like Mazda going after an eight. We're good with the whole thing. But that means my guy. Tomorrow's dance card is open like talk that slot to you and Camara then came on the back of that and he had some fun. Play out there social media to a couple of days go by brings you to this morning. And who's been comes out and he goes. I gotTa Tell. You didn't respond. Connor went silent. That is the one thing I never thought would happen. I never thought I'd never do. Connor was GONNA get in there but it was worth a try who turns out a world title fight. And since when is CONOR MCGREGOR? Ever turn down antibody. I mean not for nothing. When it's Conor McGregor said the word. No that's a fair question by Uis Bennett. As much as that might have surprised. Newsmen I gotTa Tell You. I was a little bit surprised. I was a little bit surprised. Ultimately you still got a buffer involved there. Connor could huffing and puffing pound his chest and his tag team partner. Dana White could get him out of the fight but for Connor to not speak up. I got to tell you I'm with on this one and that one did very much surprised me. I don't know if connor is sick if wi fi has been shut down in his hometown and he just can't get his message out there he's letting this one pass. I don't know and I would also share with you. Those three options I just laid out are only three of the possible. Ten different scenarios. I don't know but I am like who's been and I have been a little bit surprised. Could that possibly tell us the reason? Connor isn't coming Oscars Connors working on something else is connor working on some other match. If so what would that match be? Connor Nate Diaz is the story. That simply will not go away. I do believe at some point. Believe THAT'S ACIS spades up everybody's sleeve that they get a throw on the table anytime they want. Is that time now? Maybe I also believe that conor McGregor largely as dipped his toe in the division of one hundred seventy pounds. Because he's got his eye on George Mazda. I am of the School of thought that you should take conor McGregor. At his words you can cheer for Connor. You can cheer against Connor if you follow. Connor can't think of a time. Connors ever lied. Can you serious question including stuff? That maybe wasn't great personal habits personal life. How do we know about? Connor came out and told US masking. You a totally different question. Right now has conor McGregor ever lied. I'm asking you that. I can't think of a time. So when Conor McGregor says that he wants to fight Jorge Mas Vidal and all of a sudden. He reappears with a license. By the way at George Mas Vidal's wait. I've never really been one could let that go. I do know a little inside. Baseball BOSWELL IS GOING. After as a nate wants that rematch. So it seem as though maybe connor isn't quite to be able to insert himself and maybe go in that direction. I'm just offering for you. Speculation I'm for you possibly excuses. Maybe I'm covering connor. Maybe I am but there is something that is very abnormal if we use history as the greatest trajectory for the future which it is in that conor. Mcgregor for the first time ever has gone quiet. I don't know what to make of it. I do not expect it to last very long. And I'm not even sure that my hypothesis I just laid out that have connor is looking to draw into mas brawl or D. as would preclude him from responding to lose men. I'm not sure anything would preclude connor from responding to Uis Ben yet he did. What does it mean? I don't know but I sure would like your thoughts. I got s an interesting question earlier. Pertained to Craig Jones Greatest Nogi grappler on the face of the earth and by the way a special specific Lee with leg locks and the question was would that style with Craig. Jones's style be something that he could implement within mixed martial arts. The general belief is no and I'll tell you that general belief comes from the general belief comes from seeing the sport of mixed martial arts done since one thousand nine hundred ninety three. You can never count. How many knockout you're seeing. How many submissions? Just seeing? How many guillotine seen how many referee's decisions when you've seen how many Tko's you you could never count. That you simply would not off the top of your head right. If you're the guy that had to go back and figure that all out you got too much time on your hands however you could if you an aficionado. On the sport you could count every leg lock. Finish that you've ever seen you can count on one hand so under the belief that the sport has been around for twenty seven years and almost nobody is ever been tapped out with a heel hook. Ankle straight ankle. Lock knee bar anyway. You want to do it with Lake Michigan and will know those. Don't really work. You would not be wrong to bring that argument in. Here's the problem Craig. Jones doesn't them different? The DANAHER DEATH-SQUAD has techniques. That nobody else has seen. It's as simple as that. This will I have secret techniques? That's a load of crap and that's done for marketing purposes to either sell an instructional video. Selah seminar or get yourself in a magazine somewhere. It's a bunch of crap e except if you are with van her desk one they have a system that nobody else does another reason. I bring this up. Getting out of a heel hook is as simple as rolling getting your kneecap down three foot pushing on the guys but to create a little space. That's the technique for but outside of that technique which is ninety nine percents. Effective your stock. Now when you deal with somebody like Craig Jones. The reason Craig is so effective with the heel hooks is he has an ability within his own hips and his knees to create a pressure above your knee joint. That will freeze you in place and therefore you cannot roll it's technique. Some of it is body type some of his stature with the lengthy Craig has an understanding how to use it but as a very unique ability that you cannot go to your number one defense was just simply turn that kneecap down create some space. And now you're out of the situation Craig. Does it different and I would also add. Because you're talking Craig. Specifically the question came up could Craig Jones not just could leg locks come back in not just could heal. Looks Kinda could Craig? Jones's heel hooks. Come in when you're dealing with a straight arm bar when you're dealing with a triangle when you're dealing with the Comoro when you're dealing with anything from guard and you want to be very guard heavy you have to go back to what Hicks and Gracie told us all in the beginning. And He loved you Jitsu and he teaches you Jitsu Sony it himself but he was still the first one to say you can take a black belt into mixed martial arts the first time you get punched you now have a brown belt. The second time you get punched her a Purple Belt. In the third time you'll get punched. You are now a white belt. His message there was. You need your hands and you need your body for each of our techniques. Which means you don't have your hands or your body to defend your opponent.

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