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Most powerful tools is ever been used I feel him very would company that was taken what city the director of Georgia rabbit who also played the imaginary Hitler speaking to John by the way John we've mentioned the great dictator a number of times for people who've not seen or heard of it can you just give us the thirty second summary of why that he's right yes I don't know that could fit and thirty so I'll give you forty five it's a Charlie Chaplin film and it is really about a person who is caught up in in the war yeah I Taylor I believe I mean it's been a couple of years since I've seen it Anneke hepatitis actually wrong it came out in nineteen forty and it's about a Jewish barber and he is a Japanese plane not only the Jewish barber but another central Kerr answer to this story and it's you know a movie that comes out in the middle of the war and is very focused on what is happening in **** Germany and yeah there are you know a lot of things you can take away from the film but the fact is that it is revealing through humor truth about the Holocaust about **** that may be a documentary or newsreel couldn't of done as effectively although I do think Steven with the great dictator and I don't know that maybe you've seen the YouTube clip of Charlie Chaplin like speaking directly to the camera he's got the little skinny mustache like Hitler needs to be this very rousing speech about freedom and democracy and that's the great dictator where he's playing adenoid Hinkle a mock I have kind of a mock up of Adolf Hitler but a movie like that today would feel heavy hand like I don't need a director to tell me you know Hitler bad freedom good but at the time that kind of message I think from Chaplin Steven was was necessary yeah it was I mean if you think about it Hollywood wasn't producing films that directly confronted what was happening to the Jews in **** Germany chaplain took that risk in the more people the more jobs and don't do it you know that this is you know that and and the chaplain of course was a subject that film was the subject of a congressional investigation so that that that there were those in Congress I thought this was a film that was aimed at pushing the United States in the war that they saw this is a piece of propaganda no chaplain use this humor and I think to call attention to what was happening and I think he did it very he did it very well I remember the first time I saw it you know what an impression that it made on me but Chaplin used calmly whether to modern times whether that city lights whether it's the great dictator or miss you Fred due to to address contemporary issues and I think comedy can do that funny thing is a few years later you know Hollywood lean a little bit more into making movies about war war to including the fight against the **** including one of the greatest movies of all time Casablanca which is set in the backdrop of World War two let's keep going on the phone eight five five two three six one a one a Larry is in Oklahoma City Hey Larry what did you think of Jo Jo rabbit how many stars and why hi Josh I give it five stars not absolutely loved it I thought it was one of the as for my favorite film specialist what did you love about it well it things that you're talking about right now is that you bring up things like dark movies like this Schindler's list the pianist things like that and then he had com beings like have you see rest things like that this was more because of the in between you know like maybe else dollars seventeen what it reminded me of was sick the quote at the end by welcome that said that let everything happen the beauty and Kerr and that's that's the beauty in the terror that we're talking about right now and what did you think of the the the the kind of bland between though the or rather that line in terms of how far you can go in talking about **** in the satirical or or humorous way it works for you definitely works from the bay eight gallons goes to different deadline set for different place different people in different places I'm not I certainly understand that but we're we're pretty far removed now from that it will always be a part of our history bell look at how the comedian who dress this Durin after non lab how David Letterman and mandolin now and so most people address you know there's very hard things the Larry I appreciate you calling in thanks very much for talking to us let's keep going on the line in Saint James city Florida Adam is standing by Hey Adam how many stars out of five in one I would give it up five out of five stars I found it to be more than just a satire it's one of my favorite movies I've seen in a few years you know it had a lot of different emotions funny sad a sighting original and I mean coming from no my grandma survived the Holocaust and I don't think that there is anything offensive I think there's people who have never seen a Holocaust movie now open minded to going to see this movie you said your grandma was a Holocaust survivor how if at all did she talk to you about what she what she went through I've heard a lot more second hand I I never really wanted to bring it up with her and I kind of regret it to this day she you know I've heard stories of her on the train and then having to evacuate train because they were bombing all the railroad tracks being fighters of you know no planes flying so low she could either the pilot eight you know she was lucky because she was cute she made it all the way to where they go to the concentration camps and it's because she was a cute girl they made her a a Nate and therefore she was able to escape go to Czechoslovakia and then again more authoritarian leaders took over even ended up in Cuba more authoritarian leaders took over and later and ended up in America well when I appreciate you sharing her story and your review thank you very very much for calling in to talk to us in Ashburn Virginia Russell is standing by Hey Russell what did you think of the movie well I did not see the movie I'm going to see it I really anticipate a wonderful fail but I just wanted to remind people that we have a wonderful ability to use humor in the face of terror in nineteen forty three the song was released called der Fuhrer's face by spike Jones and his orchestra I see Stephen nodding he clearly knows all you're talking about I could you know what no I I don't but you will go ahead I just see Stephen not in because he knows what you're talking about but go ahead may I sitting there and the first first and off the auto service radius by master race week Ohio hi in the field as they age it was then made into a Walt Disney cartoon with Ross can't pass that can we just please have a round of applause for Russell that was that was that is the that is ladies and gentlemen we we keep it classy on NPR and that's how we know I really I I love that Russell I love I go ahead good citizen thought okay and then it was used as the theme of a Walt Disney's cartoon with Donald Duck and the cartoon got an academy award in nineteen forty three so you can watch that and see what it was like how we faced the German terror with human in the film are the cartoon itself actually had newsreel footage of Adolf Hitler giving speeches and giving the Heil salute and so on yeah and the audiences laughed and they laughed at Hitler and they were braver for it Russell I really appreciate the musical rendition and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts thanks very much Tosh I'd love you to respond to what Russell say I feel I I think I hear where you're coming from hunter sent in terms of critique of this movie it's kind of fascinating to me to just see how over time we've dealt with weaving history into drama into comedy what's appropriate what's not appropriate even you know the relationship between Joe Joe and Elsa and what that means in a larger sense well I'm really glad somebody broke after fierce face set to start with I'm familiar with from that song from doctor Demento show he used to play it quite often along with a lot of other spike Jones music as far is the the impulse to explore these things I there've been so many Holocaust movies made and I understand why people are comparing judge a rabbit to the great dictator but it also reminded me a great deal of movies like life is beautiful which also tried to sort of find humor in relationships during the Holocaust and the boy in the striped pajamas or the book thief movies that became very sentimental about children in World War two there are so many ways to explore the whole cars through humor through tragedy through through drama through family stories through individual biographies and I think the running the gamut is kind of an important way to keep that story fresh to keep people coming back to it if if every story about the Holocaust is an extremely heavy drama it's full of full of tragedy and misery people stop watching those movies you know people will stop being able to emotionally engaged over come didn't so repeatedly finding new ways to address something that still looms large over us and should it is is part of what cinema does when you're Roger Ebert famously said that the movies are an empathy machine and I think movies like church a rabbit as as much as I have objections to some aspects of it are still trying to find ways to drive empathy around a story that we've heard of of million times by making into a new kind of story I'm Joshua Johnson you're listening to one a before we go I want to get to a few more quick reviews but let me for so many good comments in there so many interesting things to talk about with the Stephen I mean Kelly how this fits into the context of just awareness of the Holocaust in general could you just talk for a minute about the work that the US Holocaust memorial museum does and how people can get involved with it well the museum was opened in nineteen ninety three and we've been you know we had got about two million visitors a year but we're also at a an institution that has global reach and so we're working with partners around the world we're translating our website into a variety of different languages so that there's an important step to to reach audiences not just in the United States but around the world so we work with teachers we work with with scholars we work with the with the general public to to emphasize the importance of this history and I think that that's that's so important in our own day John I wanna play one more clip from the film here's Jo Jo bachelor played by Roman Griffin Davis and his mother Rosie bachelor played by Scarlett Johannson why so happy things changing the NSF taking it to the front to be next unsuitable thank you you hate your country that's much I love my country is the one I hate it's pointless and stupid and the sooner we have peace the better the war will end we into dust and when they are destroyed we okay normal politics did not he's neutral ground stable to Switzerland those are Scarlett Johannson Roman Griffin Davis in Georgia rabbit John what did you think of the performances I was very impressed with Roman Griffen Davis and with Scarlett Johannson losing my first rhyme and Roman is a first time actor in this film I think he's amazing I think the kid who plays your key is amazing his friend I think the performances across.

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