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Well it it's a wave of with these guys are betting everything i'm so i'm gonna say is speaking in generalities but it's a wave of under beds and no bets lot of we'll play our export touchdown know under passing yards for this player that's generally been how it's always go on this year it was a little bit different though guys because william hill and south point both had propped numbers out before us this season and what we had this time was almost more than half of that we saw last night were just people middling and scalping us to william hill or south point so it was a lot less gambling going on this year it was mostly just guys playing our numbers against some of our competitors mm now that all plays out it's true because you mentioned tuesday i'd sent some text messages to oddsmakers on tuesday when i saw the line move from the cavs getting one and a half or two two laying two and a half on the spurs three side at noticeable appoint spread move and i was trying to figure out what was going on and everyone uh every responded no clue of do super bowl props everybody on nope quit knew what the scott brooks who are the cavaliers yeah no ever pretty much everybody was not uh uh i mean we have some we had some people there of course but ed uh jeff sherman randy blown was one of our managers very involved in a props everybody was as house so we uh we we didn't have our finger on the pulse of the nba market is like we normally would.

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