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That they did an internal investigation and indeed found all kinds of suspicious activity by Jared Kushner. They're gonna make that available. Investigation and the records to Robert Mueller because they say he's not because of their expression, the noise the noise that will that will be made by Robert Muller, and it will completely. I mean, just it'll be disastrous for the reputation of deutchebanks. So they're gonna make a deal, which I guess that makes them weak. In turn over the records of Jared Kushner. He didn't see the story in front page story in yesterday's Albuquerque journal. I want to caution you this is not something for kids to hear do you have kids in the car chains the station. Now. Don't let your kids here. This. Just gonna do the story as it was in the paper yesterday by Colleen healed. And it's not fit for children. Okay. He have kids in the car change the station. Calling wrote yesterday seven years after he murdered a female female parishioner in Texas in nineteen sixty. Father John feet or fate F E IT found refuge in Hamer springs. Where he was a supervisor at the servants at the center for Catholic priests with psycho sexual problems. Recap quickly. He murdered somebody allegedly and made a supervisor of other alleged pedophile with psycho sexual problems. To new lawsuit fate. Documented in agreement with the archdiocese of Santa Fe in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven to supply pedophile priests. To New Mexico parishes without telling parishioners or other working priests in the archdiocese about the potential danger to local children. Ramic ramifications of that alleged secret pact and decades of child sexual abuse inflicted by Catholic priests in New Mexico are unraveling in the newest chapter a pub public reckoning for the archdiocese of Santa Fe. Yesterday's Albuquerque journal story front page story by Colin he'll with more than a dozen state attorney, generals and federal law enforcement launching investigations into clergy sexual abuse this year, New Mexico, attorney general Hector Balderas his office ramped up their own inquiry including targeting at least two former Catholic priest. AG's office agents in part. Are looking into what a former archbishop described in two thousand four as an up horn case of a nine year old girl who alleged she was violently raped by an Albuquerque priest on multiple occasions. A spokeswoman for the archdiocese told the journal last week that the archdiocese doesn't comment on pending litigations no kidding in the new civil lawsuit which was filed just before the bankruptcy was announced. A former Albuquerque altar boy is alleged to have been a boy toy. A trio of priests who film sex parties with children in the late nineteen eighty s and early nineteen ninety. The lawsuit filed by John Doe ninety four contends that he would repeatedly sexually abused from the age of ten. To sixteen by three priests priests who acted with complete immunity. And impunity completely. Fearless of the law even going through curling air force base gays with children in their cars. Pres parties with booze and drugs and their boy toys. Like, altar boys. Had two children both boys and girls provide sexual performance some of which was even filmed the lawsuit alleges. Their conduct went unchecked. By then archbishop of Santa Fe, Robert F Sanchez because he was already compromised. The lawsuit alleges Sanchez could do nothing to stop quotes nothing to stop unquote, the rape and abuse of kids in part because pedophile priests in the archdiocese all possess. Compromising information on the archbishop's own sexual proclivities and misconduct. Which they threaten to use against him. If necessary. Sanchez resigned as archbishop in nineteen Ninety-three after three women accused him of sexual misconduct and taking advantage of them as teenagers. It goes on for thousand words for very very three pages. Long three page story near today's Albuquerque journal riddled story new lawsuits coming out even to the point where yesterday an opinion piece written by former mayor of Albuquerque, mardi Sanchez calling out the Catholic church. Saying that their bankruptcy filing is just a way to avoid responsibility.

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