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A suspect after what appears to be a double murder mayor Lightfoot says she's comfortable with how her budget is looking and Walter white they are not to Arkansas chemistry professors under arrest accused of making math double to mediums forces Josh list good morning holes brace for first place Milwaukee Maniatis on the couple at the United center tonight Mr this he gets banged up the slow moving bears go down in LA seventeen seven or the Blackhawks win at eleven forty six the Dow was down just a fraction it's eleven thirty one CBS news update gunfire outside a Walmart in Duncan Oklahoma this morning the police chief says three people are dead two men and a woman reports indicate the shooter is dead in that city about eighty miles southwest of Oklahoma City close to the Texas border schools were on lockdown in that area for a while in Fresno California the hunt is on for at least one suspect may be more in the mass shooting at a home last night twenty one of thirty five people were there at a football watching party four men killed six wounded correspondent Jonathan vaguely Ali detectives went door to door overnight searching for witnesses and possible security camera footage police say at this time there is no indication the victims knew the suspect or suspects all ten victims were Asian males between twenty five and thirty five years old police say there were several women and children at this party none of them were injured CBS news update I'm Steve K. for WBBM news time eleven thirty two this portion sponsored by Woodfield Lexus in our top local stories at the half hour we have the latest in a double murder of a husband and wife last night in the parking garage of a condo lex in buffalo Grove police say they have the killing on surveillance video shooter is described as a man possibly in his sixties wearing dark clothing a dark jacket in a dark baseball style hats buffalo Grove PD with assistance from the Lake County major crime task force are investigating after a resident of the Britney condominium complex on like Boulevard sought to unresponsive persons near vehicle with blood on the ground the two victims dead of apparent gunshot wounds have not yet been identified the crime is believed to be targeted and officials do not believe there is an active threat to the community Brandon ison news radio one of five point nine FM has alderman debate the city budget mayor lights would say she's comfortable with Chicago's financial outlook despite the lack of help from Springfield mayor like that since her amended budget plan closes the more than eight hundred million dollar shortfall without the hope for real estate transfer tax stalled in the legislature or unexpected property tax hike could made some additional cuts in personnel but no I feel very comfortable that you know what we talked about before is the the only property tax increase which is a small increase in the library levy in order to facilitate the opening of on Sunday hours you will not see in this budget a large property tax increase but the mayor warns that that could change of lawmakers don't pass the measure clearing the way for a Chicago casino property taxes will go up somewhat more though the city council approved a hike and the public schools will get one too at city hall crack della more news radio one of five point nine FM warning for the Lake County sheriff if someone claiming to be a deputy phones to say you can avoid getting arrested in a warranty for hand over gift card information hang up and call police it's a scam share of sergeant Chris Capelli says time caller called an individual and that person hasn't an issue that the phone call for example calling for computer help for calling the government for any issue or a matter they should never provide identifying information or provide credit card information he says scammers even use real names of real sheriff's office employees are judge as in either the sheriff's office nor the nineteenth judicial circuit will call residents and ask for money there's another warning from Lake County.

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