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And get the show will be like all of them we don't care what all the cable news channels think of the biggest story today I'm just not that interested for instance impeachment we'll bring you the stuff you need to know when when something funny ridiculous happens we'll tell you about it or not your honor about it like so many do join us for the fun stuff in the stuff you oughta know on the Armstrong get a show Armstrong and getting five AM to ten AM on AM seven sixty eight breaking news this this whole race that's coming up here this whole race the presidential race the congressional as the Senate races all this kind of stuff there are going to be so many moving pieces ebbing and flowing but the one thing the progressives are most afraid of but one thing they are most afraid of I'm telling you right now is there becoming a social issue the galvanizes everybody and I have a feeling this gun fight not gun fight but this gun fight in Virginia exactly the kind of thing that can blow up in the faces these levels because they have made it their mission to knock back your second amendment rights and I think this is going to be an issue at every stage of the election primaries generals Senate house you name it I think gun rights is the thing that's gonna galvanize people that homelessness I am seven sixty talking breaking news in service for the update a man serving a restraining order at a Pacific beach apartment building ends up with a gun in his face the brief standoff that ensued next the AM seven sixty KFMB hi this is news eight Kyle Cresco you don't always honored to be asked to endorse a product or a business but before I do I always sit down first with the person behind that business our product I need to believe in that person or for saying that you should what now made with.

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