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Mind. You made me laugh. Fourteen show a night This useful. Rail on the thing I. Wanna take your calls and everything I just wanted to say the guy that wanted to talk Michigan before. What it was to give up I was going to give him a. Shot and he just worst out that's like a pretty much. A high, cheese swinging a mess I, mean it, happens, sometimes. Occasionally patients whereas then yeah yeah what are you. Gonna do get, some of that Milan and man you one. One in the fifty seven minute I'm actually enjoying this game a little bit every five minutes and I look over at it And, the angels up nine on the White Sox. In Anaheim watching the game and another Homer Ron show night getting ready for the season end Getting through those games that don't matter and then just get it. Over with get that money go home where do you think he did did he comes back to, like jersey and everything in the. Off season I think he's gonna be an angel I Holkar but I? Mean do you think he comes back out he goes south jersey by. Philly area he does all that really So let me? Ask you this? Question before. I go to, these phones do you watch shark week? Absolutely not no never why is that. Wasted time is that right Yeah Why do you think? That I, mean coming from the guy that won't finish. Bloodline you don't like sharply? Different are you the only guy or the face of the earth that doesn't like watching shark? Week Never watch it Either suck I'm not gonna watch shark. NATO fifty two that's not what. This is about what part of it it's. Now did watch the thing was shocked today with the sharks You don't find it fascinating when. People go after they put in. The water and blood and then five million. Tiger heads and great wide show up there That. Makes ridiculous and crazy to go down in, that in that cage that. They think that the shark has never going to get, in one day they will you're not fascinated by watching? Those things attack seen it once or twice maybe. It wasn't exactly shark. Week when, I saw it but how many times can you watch the same thing they put the cage in the water clocks, com they never get. In, I mean that's the story of what stories by whole life to get to know the people that the stories that they do they do extra features now people that have been attacked by live or die now that I. Definitely don't want to hear chunks not interested to all listening to something like that is, going to do is prevent me from ever going into the wall I wanna know about these store getting involved I just, think and mafia also not a beachgoer but I wanted to say that I believe that if I open up the phones Of who likes shark. Week you'll have a tremendously different, response than YouTube misers honestly. Because I think it's, kick ass like I lay in bed. At night till, like, four for fifteen in the morning watching people get eaten by sharks I. Think it's just phenomenal and, like I'm like thirty four CS gagging on like snoring, she's always saying I this when I literally last night I checked the bed, like ten times she snores like a giraffe and I'm sitting there going what's, up and I'm what but at least I was, watching people getting. Eaten by sharks as you know because when I go in like just way now, when? I was a kid I used. To go swimming at my Grandpa's pool right in Boca and I used to think that because the ocean was right next to the pool right so it's like on. The intercoastal so I was convinced that because the, ocean was right there that the sharks would swim out to the base of the You know where they keep. The boats the dock and that, they would crush through the. Cement and into the, pool cement and up through the poll. Cement and eat, me, so when I was a kid and I swam in the pool I. Would close my eyes and, swim as fast as I could to get to the, stairs to get out of the pool because I thought sharks were coming to, eat me because I think that my mom and sister had convinced me that, sharks we're gonna eat me and so I was, fast is a. Bullet in the water like Michael Phelps trying to avoid being eaten by a shark, and? Ever since I've been fascinated with. Sharks my whole life because I don't want to be eaten, by a shark now I know other pleasant ways to die I would rather what do you think mafia, are there other ways you would choose to die member there's like what. Was, the show a thousand ways to die But you would? Not be interested in being eaten by an animal is? That what, you're telling me like a like a allies run Would you be like fast in the ocean that that he would tear, you into and that would be pieces off you piece by piece they tear you apart yourself while you hold your dad, and you're you're saying that you're saying. That you lay in the water, and when the shark bites off your leg that you're in you're. In pain and you're in shock you're in shock where you're paying Like com rather by. A lion mafia or a shark Neither neither okay. Well I mean you can't even pick one of them why don't wanna get eaten by what you. Go swat misspeaking shark because they take a bigger bite, would you rather drown after being eaten by a, shark or have them pull you to you bleed? Out or, would you rather, be eaten by a lion I mean for. Christ's sake. She got to pick one? Of them shark thank you which? One would you prefer what are you doing now here what do you going into No Crazy. Crazy everybody, labs Never give one a break a. Cage and get this that's. What I wanna know are you willing to be, eaten by a shark or would you rather be? Eaten by a lion what, even asking that question it's obviously. Gotten the phones popping I believe that, people like shark week John another loser that's gonna come in here and tell me you. Don't, like shark week no I thoroughly I was watching some of it this morning as. A matter doesn't see. This guy, gets it he's a. He likes football team. He's not a worse he's willing to admit that. He likes shark week. It's called watching people do you like watching people? Getting eaten, by sharks of course. I think. It's awesome And I would rather get. Eaten by I love. The ocean, and I wouldn't want. My last memory on. Earth being of me having a bad memory if. I see a lion. Somewhere I probably shouldn't be there to begin unless? He breaks, out of the zoo Mississippi where sharks Do you remember? In the ocean I go swimming in the drive. Home at night we see FOX's Have you seen we've seen, them see the FOX wanna talk Turkey right so we. Saw one attack Turkey and we've seen it but lately there's been FOX's, attacking people where, I live so there's been a FOX that's been attacking people like four of them and I'm thinking how would that go over for you if, you got out of your car and like my driveway at night and to get in your car and then? A FOX jumped out of the woods and came. At UNH you That would. Be hard because was FOX I'm very big like razors kick it in, because they're skinny, but there are like barbed wire their sharp they they're like chain fence teeth see I stay away from all this stuff I don't want any, part of this like I don't need it I don't need to hear. Lions These boats short big game facing. I don't need any of this I don't need. It you're in your neighborhood there's no there's no FOX running around. I know that a lotta Allen No none of, that lions, none of that stuff bears. No I saw raccoon come out In my house I've seen giant packs of deer and Bach walking right down my street. Is, I'm driving home by. Four of them just walk. In. The middle of the road Naked homeless man in your neighborhood walking And, when I come back I promise you I'm taking these calls if, you're on hold and you. Give up I'm gonna hate you for and, if you. Don't like a shark week, you suck if, you do like it, call the show here's John Fass Sports play the angels four home.

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