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Yeah he Hey this is Camille avail five seconds of summer Hey what's up guys this is Selena Gomez is one of two point seven KIIS FM LA's number one hit music station the other one and I don't have a list you take my emergency show the I think so much I give me one of because they they give me give me I don't like yeah the only I don't like the I don't like you may be yeah because I don't two point seven KIIS FM number one for new music she of course was amazing at the AMA is last Sunday and we're excited to have a part of our sold out kiss FM jingle ball this coming Friday presented by Capital One hello this is god everything I wanted here I guess three he to she he you should China disagree but my head was they called me we not just some stuff the this she you should that is really I wish everything I want to kiss FM sold a jingle ball art as Billy I was by the way presented by Capital One man next Friday should be here doing a thing of course we want you to be there yes more tickets and be on the stage coming up later this morning with the Seacrest back is seven dot com for those details what about with Biggie got five sauce of Taylor swift all next.

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