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Yeah the funniest movie of all time it is well we won't argue with you i i so do i add that i did that picture i was a fireman in dallas texas and he called and baked beat mind he begged me to be in blazing saddles nobody had any idea what it was going to be when it came out right this is all new terrain for you guys nobody had any idea and but after the first three days it was like oh my gosh we've got to go see this and that's back in time when they didn't do four walling in los angeles they you know it showed it one theater lasko embassy for nine straight months but but i think everybody in los angeles solid run burton burton gilliam blazing saddles you who in vegas to he was elvis personnel and honeymoon in vegas i shoot now i gotta ask you this now take me through the fart scene i mean first of all it's never been done before but you know the first couple of times the we did that scene probably thirty five times it least thirty five different drip for directions i did it a hundred times how much the first couple of times we did it.

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