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WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's 11, 43 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes house on Friday, Right Right now, Kevin Oh, my goodness, It's getting worse and worse. 93 Colbun delays now heading in through downtown Boston, slow from the lower deck over the second bridge through the O Neill tunnel onto the southbound expressway. Just a slow roll down through Savin Hill. Got a little running room after the gas tank, some more brake lights east Milton Square down to the Braintree split north pounds of busy ride on and off the brakes from East Milton Square. Most of the way up into the O Neill tunnel. Route three southbound slowdowns off the expressway down past Derby Street here and hang him a couple more pockets down through that ducks, Berry and Kingston stretch as well as an area here in Plymouth. Then you got about a mile back up here Approaching the Sagamore Bridge. Also about a mile back up at the born bridge, Mass pike. Westbound slowdowns getting by a crash here at 4 95 in Hopkinton, and you got about eight miles of stop and go traffic here from Milbury all the way out through that to 90 stretch in Auburn. 4 95 south pout locked up before Route 62 in Berlin getting down the route to 90. Support sponsored by my pillow Com Get a Better night's sleep with two sets of my pillows luxurious. He's a dream bed sheets for one low price and free shipping. Don't love them, Return them with their 60 Day money back guarantee and 10 Year warranty, Go to my pillow dot com. Code Summer for discounts on many items. Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the Threes 62 degrees in Boston. Right now we have scattered rain showers and major downpours Today high just 70 degrees. There is also a high risk of rip currents today. The beaches, especially on the North Shore. South shore, keeping islands Tonight. Breezy and cool,.

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