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Hundred eighty six yards but only one touchdown let's take a look at the traffic situation right now here's roger badische it doesn't matter where you're traveling on any of the area expressways toys or highways on the overnight you will run into some overnight construction out there right now delays are too bad starting to get back to normal on the edens inbound from the junction excuse me from lake cook to the junction that's seventeen minute trip twenty minutes going back out twenty five minute trip coming in from o'hare to downtown on the kennedy twenty four going back on the inbound dan ryan for the bishop ford downtown nineteen minutes fifteen minutes going back out in indiana we still have some delays on i ninety four eastbound from the kingery to us twenty that still a forty four minute trip only twenty five minutes coming back out got couple of accidents still dealing with one accident actually still dealing with right now used by eighty i fifty seven not causing any problems with traffic this time exit and entrance ramps are closed because of construction on northbound stevenson at route eighty three slow ups are in that area for traffic on the sevens ray tori time ondemand get the traffic chicago app just search t r a f f i x chicago roger badische wgn traffic central the forecast from the wgn chicago weather center tonight partly cloudy seasonable temperatures low of fifty one mid forties inland tomorrow mix of sun and clouds warmer late day shower or thunder storm going up to seventy six sixty four area beaches saturday mostly sunny warmer nightime shower thunderstorm possible again going up to a high of eighty sixty six along the lakefront get chicago whose first at the top of every hour i'm rob are cheer on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn.

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