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Don't need an extra long. How how Paul is this giant? I dunno six three. Yeah. No. Or like, we're dealing with Manute Bol. God rest is maybe it's a long tour. So no, he doesn't need it. It's all about how he's a. I think he died. Oh, jeez. Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers center some six inches tall this. No. It's about how he's tying it NBC. No where it's supposed to land. I mean, listen, whether you no matter what side of the aisle, you are on my friends. Let me just say that we can all agree that our current president President Donald Trump. China. China ties his ties to long they're not supposed to hang down that low. They were supposed to kiss your belt kiss your belt, not lay on top of your belt. Not layover your belt kiss kiss. It. Goes down that far though who I don't think the tie on him goes all the way down to his belt. That's where it should go. He wears a tie every day. Your brother, my brother? Okay. He would get. Okay. So I need a long time. This is just he just doesn't. The guy at the store was right? I'm telling you he doesn't. All right. Can we take this line for policy? You call. We answer. Goodson talk Guten tag. You're on mytalk one of seven one. Welcome to tie talk. Hello. I am calling because there is a website called ties dot com, and they have extra long is. Okay. I'm going to check it out. Even though everyone's telling me that it's all about the.

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