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But the ceremony is this is our guy. This is going to be the enemy you face in the biggest games of the season. This is a guy who's going to be able to. Get us to close out a series. This is the guy who was on a leader to the World Series. That's the ceremony when you're a team like this with this level of success and that payroll the ceremony is the Bullhorn announcement. Now was happening is. Well, that's this isn't our guy. We're going to start the season. And see what happens I've kind of change my tune on their decision to give him that extra year. And that extra what is it thirty three million? Yeah. At first I was when we were talking about it last year in the playoff run. I was the one saying look this is one of those really hard decisions that you don't wanna make but you probably should make. And that is if he opts out you say, you know, what thank you for everything and good luck in your future. Endeavors. It would be almost impossible to do. But I've kind of come around to the idea of you know, what he's a hall of Famer he's one of the best to have ever worn your uniform, if he needs one more year one more year, I think it's all right with it. The the the thing I think they could swing me back. The other way is if this season, we'd what was the number Roger and the over under on the starts was at twenty five twenty five on Raj dot com. Yeah. So tw- twenty five if he gets to twenty five even if he gets to twenty two or twenty three or even twenty it's like, okay. If that's what we're going to get moving forward. If Clayton Kershaw is good for. Twenty to twenty five starts a year. All right because those twenty five starts you're gonna have a chance to win seventeen of the problem. Is you get to a point where he's making ten or twelve or fifteen and now that was just good money after bad. I think the hardest thing about. See an all time. Great start a slide is is not remembering that his very good is still better than a whole. Lot of other p no doubt is the fact that we know the Kershaw that's going to be here this season in the next two seasons isn't a Kershaw we fell in love with. It's almost as you were saying earlier, I think this week because he's a facsimile of himself who, but it's still really good sure. And recognizing that really good still pushing position to win most gains. That's gonna be our judgment period for the season. Duni with a really good pitcher as opposed to a great pitcher rush. That's right. And you know, what adjustments? You know, what else you have to just those e? You got it. Boy, you know Clayton Kershaw. Who said you were for traffic, but I do have a question. So we're going to discourage on pitching dodgers all time wins as a dodger pitchers. Yeah. Yes. Jesus travis. You went not turn. So l z you go. I'm gonna say crazy. Number seven on the list with one hundred fifty three wins. That's right. Go ahead tribes. Now, it's your turn, Don Sutton, Don Sutton, number one bonus point one two hundred thirty three victories, did Don Sutton get. I'm gonna say nukem nukem. Let's see he just passed away you'd better because respect him his name. But it doesn't get bonus wins for that. I'm looking because somebody's names actually don't recognize that is correct. The winner connect can essay bulldog. He's got to be on their Fernando has got to be on their showdown. They gotta be 'cause remember older days..

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