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Are supporting obviously regional measure three i say so obviously but the fact is there's a lot of support from a spur from the area console and many nonprofit organizations but you let me get right to the point here a lot of criticism says it's not going to help with commuting you gonna have still have solo drivers and you just not going to diminish the problem we have with congestion well first let me you know thank you for having me dan for your comments which i i agree with you we we and spur and silicon valley leadership group led this effort to work with our state legislators and the bay area caucus to come up with a plan to address a problem which is seen by business which has seen by residents have chosen every poll people are really frustrated and concern about increasing congestion in the bay area and what we think is you you need to start somewhere and do something about it and the purpose of regional measure three south third third measure of this time haven't raised the tolls to address congestion since two thousand four is to get that going and this is we wanted to do a significant measure we convinced the bay area caucus to come together meet over a period of time take input from from the county congestion in management agencies all nine counties all of whom support regional measure three from metropolitan transportation commission from the numbers are running high to it's about fifty eight percent according recent well let's you know the polling shows general favorability in the bay area we pulled people on a couple of times on a lot of these issues and everybody agrees congestions a problem and as dan said nobody wants to raise the tolls who wants to pay more for anything but you're washington is probably not coming to the rescue i you know i i and and congressman dishonesty agree on a lot of things that we need to do more and we need to do it better but you know washington where he now represents a large part of the east bay including me it's where i live he you know isn't isn't going to rescue us so cavalry is not coming we are we have become and will continue to be a self help region we've passed a.

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