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Germantown 57 and annandale and we're at 57° here in friendship heights And it's now 5 40 Well are you planning to visit ocean city between now and Sunday You can expect a lot of traffic and police It's for the annual cruise and ocean city car show Well over 3000 cars are expected to take part with many events happening at the inlet parking lot and the convention center parking lot Ocean city police are getting help from several other agencies to strictly enforce traffic laws the town of ocean city is designated a special event zone now through Sunday meaning lower speed limits and higher fines for traffic violations There are also enhanced penalties for exhibition driving such as skidding making extra loud engine noise and popping a car's wheels off the ground spectators can get in trouble too if they urge drivers to do burnouts Michelle bash WTO P news The air force has a water that's largest military construction contract ever We get details from federal and his debt works Scott marioni In 2018 a category 5 hurricane completely destroyed tyndall Air Force Base in Florida Now the air force is prepared to invest more than $600 million for facilities supporting F-35s on the base The contract is part of the $4.9 billion rebuild of the installation the funds will go towards hangars of maintenance complex and a trading facility The air force is calling tyndall the base of the future one which can withstand extreme weather and provide new attractions for airmen Scott mascioni federal news network New Mexico's governor is expecting significant damage from a record setting wildfire that's burning in the state Governor Michelle lujan Grisham says that she expects estimates of burned homes and other structures to be between a 1015 hundred The fire is charred more than 468 square miles over the last 42 days to earn the distinction of being the largest fire in the state's recorded history It's also the largest fire currently burning in the U.S. Federal investigators say they've discovered a sophisticated tunnel on the U.S. Mexico border just east of San Diego The tunnel is estimated to be the length of more than 5 football fields at 61 feet deep four feet in diameter it has reinforced Rawls a small rail system electricity and air conditioning 6 people have been arrested they are charged with conspiracy to distribute more than 1700 pounds of cocaine authorities also seized more than 160 pounds of methamphetamine and three and a half pounds of heroin CBS News correspondent Steve futterman Up ahead a 70 year old is her in a hit and run in Northern Virginia It's 5 43 I'm bob or founder.

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