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If that. He's he's putting it into the cheap such thirty six. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So thirty six wouldn't get you very far. All right. Still still I think just about pre YouTube probably just just just missed. What do you think? Do you think we're going to be playing live rubbers U2. on Sunday? Yeah. I d-. I do. I think I think mo- and will somehow over the line tomorrow just gonna end like this Kenner. I mean, what are we going to Sunday does? It does. Well, he's still planning your your day off in Lille. I could do that. Yeah. Right. Well, I'm coming doing that fine. Well, we'll we'll cross that bridge when it comes. We have all of that to look forward to doubles tomorrow. What time does it all starts Amaro, man? It's the same as today to local to clot local, right? Okay. Well, we'll be there and you can watch it live streamed as well on the Davis Cup website. The whole tie is available for four euros ninety nine cents. So I was watching that Pat today that was great great fun to watch. We'll be there again tomorrow. We'll be back with another tennis podcast tomorrow after play Catherine with Matt robots and myself, David law. We are brought you in association with ten agai flare executive produce. My Melanie Boz triple s in tennis, balls dot come. We are sponsored by the manga club and mascot is Charlie. The ferret we'll see you tomorrow for doubles day in the Davis Cup. Final.

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