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Coach Mike Tomlin has been five twenty five thousand dollars for public criticism of game officials. Meanwhile, Sean McCoy the former eagle could he be a future eagle? Apparently the eagles have checked in with the bills about their former running back, Billy. Of course, put J John. I are Monday with a tornado eagles will get back running back Corey Clinton. He returns from a two-game absence with the quad injury. He will play tomorrow night at the giants. Speaking of the giants, they're dealing with injuries. Evan Ingram is out. Vernon is back in the Texans have lost quarterback cave on Webster to I are with a quad injury. Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson reportedly getting a second opinion on his sprained shoulder buddy wants to play for Washington this weekend. One other note Steelers wideout Antonio Brown facing to lawsuits from an April incident in south Florida. A family is suing brand for throwing large objects off a balcony almost hitting a two year old building suing brand for damages and violating his lease. How about that? All right from the college game, South Carolina. Coach will must champ says injured quarterback Jake. Bentley is expected to start against Texas. Ada this week. Meanwhile with hurricane Michael berry down on Tallahassee Florida state not expected to resume football practice until Saturday Florida state and has a by this week. They'll next play against Wake Forest at home October. Twentieth. I'm Jay Berman. We're your home for I on college football with rich Ackerman. Saturdays from noon to eight PM eastern only on CBS sports radio. This is Jim Rome with a CBS sports.

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