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And in modern design theory. It's used to describe this Latin term used to describe the relationship between white space and the perception of value. A- tendency to fill empty spaces associated with lower value products. and Vice Versa so to me. White Space Space Simpler speaks of confidence and value. For some reason, the industry thinks it speaks of fear and I'm not smart enough and I'm not complicated. It's the opposite the smartest person in the rooms one that says the least. And I and the most. Certainly, the most confident person is the one that says the least, so I think I think just as an industry that financial services industry needs to learn that. Probably never will yeah I like I think. We probably referred to it like noise. Relief is just so much noise rained. Won't we do as a profession industry We'd love to become a profession, but we also industry the Mobilink. But he's trying to cut through all that noise and that's effective is home of the onion. Yeah for sure I think. As the world gets noisier. The value of a clear signal goes up. and. If! You understand that. It'll change your career. Very. We. We saw these podcasts. Sometime ago with the intention, we gonNA, run them May next year, and then I think this virus kicked in, and we said let's give it a go now and. Originally used to help business owners off preneurs and stuff like that and. Three underlying themes have seemed to come through this with them. adaptation. Mental Strength Resilience and adaptation for you. You guys living in Utah. You decided I read somewhere or Here podcast you're on that. You were intending to go to frauds that somebody said go to New Zealand. You spend a couple of years there. Then you decided to, was it? Your wife was getting a nursing. Qualification Tear Interior Integrity Design Oggi's in London and you came here, so you've had to adapt to different, not even two different countries to different continents..

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