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Helps recall always Bank times like these. My favorite quarterback golf was a game, which you yell for shoot six and write down five. Point. Times of day, and w j and whether it was eight thirty in the morning noontime or six thirty with the rest of the story. How? JJ Bob page losses job JR. Credit? He was right on the college in you know, he's fifty years ago. He was on JR. And he Amorn five years. What happened was he? He rip was Thomas. Disgraces? You know, you don't get him off here. Are they fired him the next day? Ever have you ever had gumption to club? I sent you a stop came about the time. Radio show on in the morning. And then he mentioned something about the Michigan department and Bill Maher net him removed. Dave San would be a great guest. I've given that will give it to me again. Okay. Doc Kabila pay to them would be great. I've met him and I invited him on. I I don't think I had Billy Taylor on the show. Not put him on Billy Taylor's chunky. Now, isn't he day Jason Bank? Brian. We're all that bigger than we were forty fifty years ago in college. Gun on him. I'm almost twice the man. I used to be. All right. You know, I told my dad got back to you back into shape. You know, my what do you mean? Get back in shape. He says you already great shape doggone figure. He looked round shape. Good day. Thank you JJ. Good day. Paul harvey..

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