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The republican tax plan will be filed later today finished after some final tweaks that may address senator marco rubio is demand to expand the child tax credit congressman kevin brady chairs the taxwriting committee i'm confident at the end of the day descendant will approve this conference report because no one should be defending the status quo in this horrible taxcode americans event live with for two law saying in so many words that rubio should support it the gop can only afford to lose to republican votes in the senate president trump again denying any collusion with russia during the presidential campaign phone all garage i have nothing to do with russia everybody knows if that was a democrat hopes it was excused for losing the elections before boarding a helicopter to speak an fbi graduation he also remained critical advantage and sees leadership but he's heaping praise on new fbi grads for their role in law enforcement with me as your president america's police we'll have a true friend at a loyal champion in the white house but he says police departments are underfunded overstretched using chicago's latest numbers on violent crime as an example boxes jeff and also live in chicago lisa chicago isn't doing enough to combat ford cook county commissioner richard boy can kalsi quiet genocide to the city's black community when it comes to crimes schools and poverty but rather the national guard troops which president trump has suggested and been criticized for boycotted says the city needs peacekeepers oregon a look forward to working with them try to bring anchoring creative idea to bear that we can to help solve the problem boy can met with top un officials this week highlighted the over six hundred killings this year in chicago mostly blackonblack crime lisa thanks chan fox teams fare i'm reliable dependable matters to you got encountered now you're top local stories are on twin cities news talk dot com minnesota news network i'm tom charade.

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