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Alan seconds is here no i think it's an excellent bill and i are in pasadena california on a quiet block of modest wants three houses with good morning morning heavy varney i'm bill muneer this is the house where sirhan sirhan used to live his younger brother muneer greets us at the door mounier short he's in his seventies where stark glasses because he has problems with his eyes and any chain smokes american spirits every coffee there houses medium size with a couple of bedrooms it feels just a bit too big for muneer who now lives here all by himself when he starts listing off all the siblings who used to live here it's hard to imagine how they all fit there was down six shreve either bill certain six you in fact all of the needs and everybody they're taking their all biblically rooted nineteen forty four sirhan sirhan was born into a large family in jerusalem then a part of palestine this are hans devoutly christian especially their mother mary mother was a avid believer in christian she's to be a guide there were a lot of nationalities that used to come to visit holy places and she's this is where christ that this this is where he walked and she was a tourist guide sirhan was a small child a bloody civil war broke out as israel's and palestinians fought over territory jerusalem became a war zone in hand very very much experience of terrible kind of your sirhan's mother remembers that when he was a small child there was no escape he's his own brother and water in hunt enough really four an old people how it it is do you think would children bigs marks in the minds and their hearts and you can't even they can't forget it walk in from school to to home or home to school are home to store you know you're.

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