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I mean, here's the thing to keep in mind, like Mac owain actually, I think one the SEC east. But they were like, everybody knew those weren't good teams. Yeah, they weren't. But here's the challenge now. If you're Florida, yeah, Georgia is loaded, but Miami is rebuilding Florida state has been in a mired in a big rebuild. And Tennessee, who used to be your big rival, you know, it still is a rival. They've been rebuilding, right? So it's like, you know, in the state of Florida, you should be you should be thriving. So I don't know. Like, I mean, this is a separate question, but the dynamics in the state of Florida, you know, right about now or the month of November. We're going to be fascinating because I think people wrote off Manny Diaz. It's not far from writing off. Mike norval, and now Florida, which if you come off the Alabama game, you're all of a sudden thinking, hey, Florida has a chance, you know, is should be riding high. It doesn't really feel like that. When you bring up Manny Diaz, I don't know if you've noticed this. Well, first of all, Manning borrow are Miami beat writer with an interesting report on Tuesday that basically administration is decided they don't want to make a change during the season. So he's probably good for the rest of the season. And then it's like, okay, this team that was two and four and seemingly hopeless. They beat Pitt, the leader in their division. First they made NC state who the committee thinks is great. Then they beat Pitt with committee also has ranked. Their last four are Georgia Tech, not good. Florida state, not good. Virginia tech mediocre, duke, terrible. I mean, it's not inconceivable they run the table. No, it's not. I mean, like, in that, and I've watched both of those games, Tyler Van Dyke, freshman quarterback, who I think if you had got truth serum on a lot of people in that program, they would have said, I think he's probably our third best option at quarterback a month ago. They would have said, obviously, the era king and then Jay Garcia. Well, both guys got hurt. Tyler Van Dyke took a minute to get his sea legs in and he has been spectacular. And by the way, those are state has a pretty good defense. And they, you know, he outshine Kenny Pickett. Last week, and they're doing it without a lot of guys, right? I mean, they have some of their best players are banged up. And I think, you know, what's interesting is about three weeks ago. I think the feeling for a lot of people was Blake James is going to have to fire Manny Diaz. And if Manny Diaz, team quits on him, which they didn't even know they had a rough one with UVA and then at North Carolina, but they turned out I think they were both games they lost by a combined 5 points before they went on this little run or mini run. But I think realistically talking to some of the same people that I think many Navarro and talk to, I think there's this, there might even be a better chance that Blake James would be forced out before many Diaz would be. If Manny Diaz keeps winning. He kind of put him on the last. That's a big issue. Blake James, the manias had to win more games, and he has so far. And look, if Pitt, so beat Pitt, they're still a game behind pit. But if Pitt loses one ACC game in Miami wins out, Miami is going to ACC title game. And not to play the juggernaut Clemson like the ACC title game has been the last 6 years. So wouldn't that be quite a turn of suddenly they're the most stable of the big three programs, wouldn't have seen that coming a year ago. Let's get to one more mailbag question. I love when we get these questions where you get to tap into your TV industry knowledge. Troy and Boise says he's become increasingly frustrated with the 12 and more preposterously 6 day windows that it takes to announce the kick-off times for games. I have planned three trips to games this year where air travel and hotels are involved and it's infuriating, not knowing what time the game's going to be. What, if anything can be done about this on future TV deals, why can't they be like the NFL where they flex a few games over the season, but announced most game times before the season with just the networks being TV. I think there is some of this though is we're drafting with the NFL and has a different model where basically CBS has one conference and Fox has another. In the case of this, I don't feel like there's as much of a split of sharing in the drafting system. It's different. Because you have different conferences, different drafting orders. There's just a lot of balls that are up in the air. You know, it's just, I don't think it's kind of the same the same model. Also there are way less TV windows that you're going to be doing. You basically have three TV windows and realistically you really only have two. You have the one p.m. Easter or the four. That's it..

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