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But how can they do that when they're also by the same token should come freedom the business america's business the special business of special. You know that pay business. They get to do business. And you know the the concept was to be the goalie. I mean we were the freedom everybody came here and did stuff and peace out but the central command of some central plan for central plan wasn't served me can deal with that so then it goes somewhere else. So then what's going to happen. It's going to be on space station or whatever what's pirate energy filling sixty two miles away kilometers up. You're done then. What ceiling and had servers out in the english channel and they went all hail. No i got british destroyer. Tell you about that. Yeah well you gotta space freaking laser. Take me down weapon of. Was that what we need as what we'll get i so this battle is going forever and then you have ilan. I'm going to go to i'm going to go to mars. No we own you there too because you know dna be patented by bernard or so. I mean it's craziness this has to be broken from our si- psychology. Yes we gotta make this break. And that's why when you guys do this. Stop even having the worry about them or you're playing the game. You're i mean that's part of the problem. Yep yep it is and you can see. Just how because you have to get politicized you have to get bureaucracy is you have to get you have to lawyer up. You have to do all of these things in order to even run a business. And before i got into the exchange space you know. I was working for bitcoin. dot com. We were we were living high and mighty from saint kitts in from tokyo and didn't have to hardly deal with any kind of issue but now more in the us trying to build an exchange of money service business all the sudden. Everybody's out to get you all the alphabet soup agencies all the all the attorneys all the nasty people in the department of justice. All these folks are looking to do anything they can to thwart you no matter what so yes in the like i was saying the same thing happened with other exchanges. People have already left air four. He's they've re relocated shapeshifts. They've got out of the the doing aml kyc because they're changing their business model to work with the defined networks. You've got bread wallet. Used to be based in california. Those guys left free. They went to crypto valley as well so this brain drain human capital flight issue is going to continue to crop up but the us. I think they're going to try to continue to play the game to a more minimal levels. So they don't you lose. Gdp countries lose gross domestic product for their country if they're not innovating and if they stifle innovation so they're going to try to balance it out but still you're right by the shame tom this whole system here. This whole system is utterly. It's utterly broke broken. Totally corrupt crypto currency. I e. what social satochi nakamoto inscribed into the genesis walk chancellor on the brink of second bill out. This is a it was a clarion call for people to become their own banks right to hold their own money to get outside of the system. There's no wonder that cypher. Punks crypto anarchist and. These guys wanted to get out of the system. We're doing you know doing this but in my mind this is going to be. This is a multigenerational slow process. And it's going to take time for us to get where we need to be completely shun the system. But i think we're going to get there with crypto. It's going to happen one way or another. What you have to do is just give people the imagination anything that we can imagine star trek. I got pocket computers. I got you'll translator help. Google universal translator a frequent skype live pocket. someone different. are you kidding. Me work speed. We probably already gotten the transporter they already got. Sub space communication quantum entanglement real console of the probe on mars real lock quantum entanglement communicate sub space communication. I'm telling you evacuate imagine it. They can happen. So guess what. I'm gonna imagine near without without disney plus i camps dacca's ticket sucker. Anyway you know this is going to be. The future is very very very ni- the beginning is not Excuse me where. I get a license to start new business license to go out of business to you know. All we'll look invented this alantic. Gravity machines two inches above the floor. Oh yes it's very comfortable saves on shula fill out these forms and report of the human services department of manpower orientation and registered with a fair employment practices commission llosa waiting our division of the employment standards administration the state sales and income tax division the internal revenue service and social security administration of the department of health education and welfare. And of course osha. Osho those little toner wisconsin. You'll find out saint floating around like that can be dangerous if you check with the consumer product safety commission that you actually are flying. Aren't you look. You need to go over to the federal aviation administration the transportation. It's very hard to get anything done these days. If you're in business but free. Enterprise built this country. Think what could happen if we don't keep it free mark in the public service of this station in the center for the defense of free enterprise. Bellevue washington can't have people floating about unregulated. You now imagine someone in your community getting in their car turning on the radio and hearing the liberty radio network you can make that vision a reality with your own micro radio station visit broadcast dot dot. Fm to learn how you can put our programs on the air in your area you can have eleryan dot fm running around the clock and you can even add in your own. 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