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Michael Pineda against Yvonne Nova today at three twelve we'll start the pre-game show at two thirty five all here on seven twenty. WGN. Jubran hailu. Good morning. Good morning. Did you watch any of the college World Series? Did you see that game three at all? I do not watch game three. I watched some, some highlights as I know it was unfortunate that you're your Michigan. Wolverines could not. I gotta be honest with you. I mean my son's asleep. I mean I, I had nothing invested in, in the college World Series just the you know, whatever. So I'm watching it and I really don't know anything about it. But then at the end of the game. The announcer says that the coach of Michigan was a long time assistant at Vanderbilt. Oh, I didn't realize that, okay. You gotta look this story up. And the guy the guy the announcers were like there'd be no Vanderbilt. Baseball to wasn't for whomever, the coaches at Michigan. And one of the sweetest moments the two coaches like the head coach van de and the head coach of Michigan. Right. Who obviously have been longtime coaches and friends. They shared this embrace in words that the camera was on it. You could just see the genuine like love and respect between these two men which was a cool sports story. You know Eric bitch. If I'm mispronouncing the name, I think that's right. Yeah. It's a really sweet moment. And, you know, I love those kinds of moments in sports right here. These guys are out there battling, you know, and, and Vanderbilt really, you know had a great game and kind of controlled, it the whole time and a bunch of good back stories on the whole all these young men that were on these teams and these coaches stories, a good one, I need to look it up. But it was just a nice sweet moment at the end of the game. Well, that actually happened earlier in the tournament, too. I want to say whoever eliminated Florida State University because that head coach had left after a long, long long tenure as well and the other head coach started crying, even though he just one because he just respected states coach so mutter. I mean, it is just such a close knit fraternity college. Baseball is is one of those unique things where everybody knows everybody in every respect for everybody. Right. Right, right. Definitely. What's cool, cooler tournaments? Yeah. And obviously that showcase what goes into it. Especially in the coaching side. Yeah. Absolutely. Prior to last night's game in the White Sox. And no. They announced a few unfortunate injury. Updates reliever Ryan burrow underwent. Tommy, John surgery. He's going to be out the rest of the year as we'll minor leaguers. Jimmy Lambert, Ian Hamilton ANZAC birdie, speaking of injuries not a great day for the cubs rotation. Cole, hamels only worked one inning before straining his leftover bleak causing him to leave last night's game in Cincinnati cubs found themselves in a six nothing whole before Jason Heyward homered. But the cubs fell six to three in the series opener against the reds cubs are still in first reds are still in last. But the entire central is within five and a half games of each other today's game features Jose canton against Louis castio with the great American ballpark at three ten first World Cup match up this morning features Italy against the Netherlands at eight AM, Germany will play Sweden at eleven thirty after USA's two two one win over France yesterday. They'll play England on Tuesday, semi final I can hear you can hear you. Oh, I'm still on the air. Sorry. Did you did you watch the World Cup? No champion. I watched the I saw the second goal who's the woman that scored it Morgan. She's a stud. Yes. And a multi go. Oh my gosh. Unbelievable. Those we're watching a little bit of it. And it just the these women that the F Letica ability and the speed at which these athletes are running around that court in the control on their feet. I mean I would be like a pretzel Morgan Meghan repaying. Yo excuse me. I was confusing her with Alex Morgan, not how cool would it be? I really wish there was a game on the fourth of July. But they're playing on Tuesday if they advance the final that'll be on the seven, could you imagine for the July party in the backyard? My gosh with women's World Cup team. USA's gir-. These women can play it is unbelievable. It's really cool. When they when they bring together everybody like what they're doing right now quickly over to golf, Gary woodland, Dustin Johnson, both missed the cut after two days in the rocket mortgage. Classic Nate Lashley leads the way at fourteen under par on the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats. And Chicago White Sox baseball, I'm Joe brand WGN sports. Joe checking WGN traffic..

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