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He left his home at thirteen years of age. Now the flip side is. He still lives with his parents. They moved to dallas so whatever whatever happens is going to be a massive life change for accardo peppy blue. Just sorta seems like the sort of seems like that dude. You know we all know that the one that like the friend that has all the success but is just sort of like same way. Actually that's what i yeah. I've kinda figured it kind of figured i'd do that. Actually go up to the shore whenever he gets free time. Sure that however you say whatever. I mean look this is a this is a story. That's going to go on for a long time in our world and in it's a wonderful one now from a human interest perspective from a soccer perspective and certainly For us national team fans who are seen a guy. I just absolutely explode onto our stage. Gimme another name doyle. The that impressed you. Who's the unions. Okay so one of the things that we've been banging the drama on for a while is is the lack of Ball progression out of central midfield. There's some of the guys can do it. you know weston mckennie can do it. But he's turnover prone When he gets on the ball really tries to to push Sebastian jack can do it but kind of slowly And he's not always as confident on the turn is you would like to see from him. yunus mussa is just in terms of his gifts with the ball is at a different level than those guys in terms of security Ability to push it forward and compromise the shape of the entire opposing defense. Make the defense react to him. And then hit the pass that unlocks the sequence of play. And that's what happened on the first goal. It took the forty five minutes to kind of figure it out he He drifted through the first half But that's not unexpected. All he came right out in the second half and Was very clearly he and mckinney. Both were were all about getting on the ball and going at jamaica and forcing them to make play and three minutes into the half to make. It couldn't make the play i. I'm not sure that goal happens. If it's a different player getting on the ball in that spot maybe it did. Because turner's distribution was early there and jamaica were never allowed to get sat but like credits is destined to mussa for recognizing that and and never let up He he's probably my favorite player in the in the pool. Just terms of overall skill set because of that the ability to win the ball the ability to be secure on the ball in the ability to force the defense to react to him. There's not a lot of guys in our pool have gone I think he elevates what this team is capable of In that is a lot of praise for someone who has exactly one official competition cap under his belt. But i think it's going to end up looking correct and credit to gregg berhalter as well on that because mussa plays mostly for his club out..

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