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Tv great point nonni the goto let's say we got we'll get to the phones back in just a second i want to say something before i forget next week and i don't know why this bothers me maybe because mac my youngest son has been the last two days we were driving the car go into basketball practice going to whatever and he is pointing out invasive species of from kudzu of foliage tell me the things that we we shouldn't have and then he begins to tell me how someone has is considering bringing in some bug that is supposed to slow down kudzu and i'm like when do we learn our lesson when do we stop bringing he and things that are supposed to stop something else and he tells me about another story where they brought in some sort of snake a predator they're supposed to go after this kind of mice that were brought in that nothing eats so even though theoretically was supposed to be a predator they just kind of pass by each other at the shift change and nobody bothered to find anything more about the well it sounded like a great idea i'm hammer i'm sure her back in and maybe the habits of one of them changed when they stayed here say alive but when do we stop allowing these things that come in so then i run across the story at the washington examiner where it's by anna jira tally we're in the dc area airports customs officials now you're gonna like how this sounds now you've been you've been internationally before profiling.

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