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I know from my own personal experience that it makes my hair feel greasy enron streamers and it flattens out isn't as fluffy and fly away and it's fresh looking but what is it supposed to do it. Matt sit down which looking wet dog. And that's what cream rinses four nixon manageable it. Softens you here makes it easier to comb and style. I don't have that problem. Because i have nothing left so homeless style suggesting suggesting that sharon would have this problem whether she were in the car or not. Yes i would suggest that i i. It's it's it's a little known fact. You'll probably stressed when you behind the wheel. Stress affects the way. Your hair lies. I mean vidal sassoon. Did a big seminar attended. It was the convention when i was in indianapolis. Well sharon i am going to figure out what this problem really is in your right. We will come up with something in a spray him. I'm willing to contribute like my whole thirty seven dollars in life saving. Go into business with me. Your we're partners. That's okay profit. Fifty fifty right. But i would try to be more relaxed behind the wheel and void the cream and i would avoid the cream. Rinse at least. I would hold cream brinson and i. I would probably switch never mind.

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