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Pine also announcing that the Connors will hand it's Tuesday leadoff spot to American housewife beginning February fifth. The Connors is slated to wrap. It's eleven episode season on January twenty second, and I will be talking a little bit about the most recent episode in this podcast. The network also confirms it is added an additional episode to American housewife's current season order. Meanwhile, the Goldberg spin off called schooled. We'll take off. We'll take over American housewives current Wednesdays at eight thirty pm slot on January ninth, it will follow the goldbergs, of course, and I'm looking forward to schooled, especially considering that it's me following the story of AJ Machakos character, and I like her, and I want more good things from her. Because she is going to be the new music teacher. And it's gonna be in the faculty of the William Penn academy. It sounds very interesting. And also it's been announced that bread deer is going to be a part of that, which means that he's probably not going to be a huge part of Jane, the virgin next season or it's already been filmed. And it's not going to be conflict at all man with a plan is now have a premier date for season three I had no idea. It was coming back again. It will return on Monday, February fourth at eight thirty seven thirty central..

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