President Trump, Isis, Congress discussed on The News & Why It Matters


Iraqi soldiers continuing the fight. Did ISIS soldiers. Terrified Iraqi residents who survived the footage. We got has never been seen before anywhere. It's historic. And as you know, the army did take back the city weakening end depleting ISIS from Iraq. But I still felt like there was more to this story. Isis was able to hold the city for three years. How they do it. Explore that question during my last two days in Iraq. I found something I never would have expected. So that that kind of set you up where goes in the story goes beyond that is what I didn't expect was all of these innovations that they had learned and the scary part was they are now prepared to unleash that. So they're going in just as this generals just talking about they're going into that turtle mode, and all of these things that they've learned all these new tactics that have never been tried. I don't believe I've ever been tried on a on a battlefield. They are. They've now save that up. And they're going to unleash it. The next time they poke their heads out again. I was told by previous president that ISIS was just the JV team. Right. That's not actually the person. He did. President is defeated to true. That's true. Either one of those ethica, right? Yeah. I mean, quite obviously. Well, it'll be interesting to see how that plays out just with you know, it just makes me so nervous that people who were you know, they could tolerate President Trump being elected always said he's going to surround himself with good people know, he's obviously not foreign relations expert, but he's going to have his people around him that he'll listen to. And it sounds like that's not actually the case. Definitely didn't listen to the people. Even if they are really great people in smart. You didn't listen to them in this case? And that's that's very very worse worrisome. And you'll hear that tonight. I'd say the union, I'm sure he's going to, you know, Syria success and ISIS success. But just keep these things in mind when when you hear them talking about that Andrew your top story congressman is proposing to give the president more power power. I think we can all agree that the presidency's become a Nemec week over the last several centuries of American rule. I basically figurehead of. This point courageous Representative Sean Duffy has written legislation. He's a congressman from Wisconsin to give the president more power to raise tariffs. So normally taxation is completely vested in congress. That is what the constitution deigned, and it's meant to be the more vigorous and active branch of government. He's proposing legislation to give the president power to raise tariffs. The the problem. I have with this are multifold. I I don't want congress conceding any more power to the presidency. I don't care who the president is at the time. This isn't even a Trump thing. Congress is overtime atrophied and just gone. You want the president's gonna handle it or this happens a lot unrelated to this me know that we need to do certain things, but they're unpopular so we're just going to give a broad re-met to the EPA or whatever to clean the water, and then they'll do it. And then when they do it will go the PA for doing this, congress does this all the time it needs to actually do its job and part of its job is determining what taxes are going to be raised..

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