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So now when I was reading up on this on more, which mind you is where you really can get a lot of really great Motorsport news, but as I was reading up on this It seemed more of like an internal issue more than anything else. And so this caused me to like keep on like reading at it and like okay, I gotta really understand what's going on here. So after we thought that the fact that there's mainly a money issue here and there's not enough, you know, investment and and funds for an engine project which is extremely major when it comes to the world of formula one, right, you know power back in engines are really, you know, if you don't have that your car's not going to freaking move and so that's something that really needs to happen. And it seems that that's not clicking as well. Now little quote from Ur head of the manufacturer says we have noticed that is very tough for all the car manufacturers at the moment because of their environment change of Elektra of electrification. So we are sending up the development Corp and having discussions internally. Bingo right. So now that we see that formula one is is apparently moving into this era of of electricity and and and and and the lack of jobs and you know putting on electric components on Formula One cars. It seems that Honda. is running out of funds and some Investments and also running into some trouble just internally as in manufacturing as a team. Which is not good because mind you Honda is a very very well-known manufacturing from the one industry and they've really been kicking butt and it's this is why I'm saying it was kind of a surprise to me when I first read this off. Why are they leaving? Right, so as we keep moving on. It says that citing the huge costs involved in pushing its Road car businesses, which is really a book of Honda. Right?.

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