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Here's conservative outsider Pete Snyder. It's been nearly a year since her Children were taken out of their schools a year of learning loss, even though the data and the CDC says it's safe to get our Children back in the classroom. And what is Ralph Northam offering a suggestion? Northam suggests that school's consider opening two days a week on Pete Snyder can it for governor, and my plan is simple. Open our schools now five days a week. Every week for the teacher in every classroom, no more weak leadership from a weak governor on Pete Snyder, candidate for governor, and I paid for unauthorized, the said. That mortgage interest rates right now are almost exactly 1% point lower than they were a year ago today, and rates are still at a 50 year low a half century low. Listen, if you currently have a rate of 3.25% or higher, you need to take advantage of this opportunity. Everybody's refinancing. Why aren't you It's going to come to a screeching halt one of these days very soon, so don't wait until it's too late. I gotta call my good friend Mark Livingstone and his team at Cornerstone. First Financial. Call him today. You know, a lot of other companies quote you these window rates. They're called to get you interested. Then they tell you much later on about their junk fees, and the points that are hiding in there called the only company that I recommend. Cornerstone. First FINANCIAL COLUMN it Puyo to 6 to 5 12 21. They're in their 20th year of doing business in Washington with a triple A rating from the better Business bureau, located right here in Washington, D C not in Kalamazoo, and they offer all of their own pro loan products, including no closing cost options and the absolute lowest interest rates guaranteed. The other guys won't could promise that come on. Rates won't be this low forever, However, so you know, with all the crazy uncertainty going on out there in a new administration, you need.

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