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Guns in Hauser it's important to realize that measles is transmitted by the respiratory, route so if you're in, the same room and breezy air and if you're not immune you. Can, acquire the infection. Pretty easily according, to guns in house there's no risk at those? Restaurants at this point in time me well worth it is many as half the immigrant detainees being held at the victorville federal prisoner under quarantine for, chicken pox dot Cording to the union that represents prison officials. Does not enough staff including healthcare workers to care for the detainees and attorneys have had, to temporarily cancel sessions to inform the immigrants about their legal rights Federal. Bureau of prisons officials would not. Comment on ongoing health issues citing pending litigation one death in an apartment fire in Silverlake according to l. a. fire department an elderly woman found dead in the chart jam packed apartment on riverside drive near Glen Dell boulevard firefighters say, there was a smoke alarm, which was sounding when they arrive there were no optional residential fire. Sprinklers well lawyers for two men charged in the deaths of thirty six people. In a warehouse fire and Oakland say that they're preparing for trial this after a. Plea deal broke down, and prosecutors broke off talks Derek Amina and max Harris appeared in court a judge ordered them to return in three weeks in order for the trial to be scheduled authorities have been unable to trace the source. Of an older that just about everybody in Orange County seems to, smell or quality regulators they may never know what caused the. Odor which was described as a, chemical lighter fluid smell it depends on whether, investigators were able to get, a good sample So we have that will be able to determine what those were Caps also hopefully if AGM dis Patrick Chandler says people from Huntington beach to Anaheim hills reported the odor and investigators were. Sent out right away but when, it comes to trapping a smell time is of the essence was the dissipates obviously because it's such a large area going. Up to the air there is no way to. Determine what, it was he says investigators, are in the. Lab analyzing their samples the incident has not been connected to similar. Events in previous years Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio if you live in Riverside County and your interest in adopting, a dog or cat this might be a good weekend. And make that happen animal shelters will offer homeless dogs and cats. At. A reduced rate today it's part of a nationwide. Clear the shelters event the animals will be available for less. Than five dollars each this typical cost to adopt a pet is. Over one hundred dollars animal officials say that as a result of the Cranston and holy fires has shelters are now overflowing traffic and weather together every ten. Minutes on the fives it's three thirty five time to check our freeways with Daphne. Brought, downtown Los Sanjay we have all lanes stop on the westbound ten this is the westbound ten just south of the one ten rollover. Multi-car crashed there lots of debris the backup is to San Pedro right now CHP is holding the lanes at grand and the backup is building in Compton. The backup is also building on the southbound seven. Ten crash, at a laundry a backup, is almost to. The one zero five now in Santa Clarita it's been slow going. All night did a road work on the southbound five south of Lyon to the fourteenth split two lanes taken up, there in so more roadwork slowing in the ride they're. A bit it's slow on the eastbound to ten connector to the. Southbound. Five and still that Sigler three does on the..

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