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You know what. I'm gonna say it on the radio so it has to be done. It'll be out this afternoon. So we're we're just setting deadlines here on noko now know. It's so funny. Because obviously i've been you know in the newspaper. Business for over. Thirty years and deadlines used to really mean something and they still do but when the product comes out the story comes out You know it is funny and people look at you like well. It's your story i go. Yeah but i don't say when it comes out Miles first day of cease you football camp today were we're inching ever closer to college football. Yeah you know. I just think i look at at. What's the issue has coming back. I look at Their schedule I think there's a lot of unknowns on that team You know they have some grad transfers and stuff. I but i to be quite honest. Personally i don't know three or four wins is probably what i'm seeing Could be surprising. But you know you gotta figure out You know they got. They got a good tight. End mcbride and they got a good receiver dante right think they got a good defensive line. I think their defense is actually probably going to be. You know pretty solid defensive line is going to be really the focal point of that defense But i think it's going to be important you know. Hopefully how things are going. We're still able to have that stadium. Filled a i think that we should be able to now. Obviously that could be the mask. Midday all of that coming back the hysteria with kobe. Coming back but It's going to be an important era for ceus you to hopefully have a good football season but also have the attendance there when we're about all the conference realignment taking place. I agree. I mean you're and you're looking at You know a large canvas stadium payment that was deferred last because the covert so. Yeah you need the fans back in there but because of the potential ramifications of further kovic restrictions. I i. here's what i'm thinking. I'm thinking of second year of no people in the stands is going to be extremely detrimental. And i i understand the concern You know the safety and the health and safety concern But i can tell you this. It will definitely run up against financial pressures About these athletic departments are feeling so And then the other thing. I think people might not even be realizing as what about within the team as you're seeing it on on other teams. What about those who are going to get back and those who don't want to get vaccinated that brings up a whole nother can of worms. Ncwa setting up some some regulations. Yesterday i haven't got a chance to go through those thoroughly yet but to your point is well you know when those started to run up to each other you know financial decisions and then you know health to me and maybe this is just me being simple minded miles. I've been called once or twice but Look why not. Just say if you are worried about it if you're not vaccinated if you're worried if you are vaccinated you're worried simply don't come. I don't know. I mean it memorizing political i agree you know i'm vaccinated I did it for quite a few reasons. One of them was actually to have you know freedom of movement. You know one. Obviously i i want to protect myself and i wanna protect others around me. But but actually one was freedom You know to maybe go to a football game or to go to the airport or you know whatever it is and so i just again i say this i feel really really..

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