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While, certainly in the midst of Pandemic Greenie, I'm not going to rule anything out in terms of long term implications but I'll tell you this everybody has to remember that those power five conference gets conference commissioners the athletic directors they help comprised the NCAA. Part of it people talk about the NC Double A. as if this building in Indianapolis which it is but what makes up the NC double? A. is every single institution of Division One two three that belongs to it. Right when we talk about the Football Oversight Committee we're talking about the NCWA Football Oversight Committee Shane Lyons the Athletic Director at West Virginia is a part of that. All of these people comprise the NCWA's committees so there when you talk about It you're talking about the power five. So it is it realistic for them to break away I mean it's possible. Yes. But even if they were to do that, you still have to have some sort of oversight some sort of compliance and that type of enforcement that nobody likes regardless of where it comes from Dominique, as you sit here and just listen to this whole conversation is one who played the sport, the collegiate and the professional level what are your thoughts. I think you made the point earlier that mark, emmers has has the opportunity right now to speak up and do more than just throw his hands up and say that it's no longer my responsibility. I, can do nothing about this i. think it's something about principal and anyone who's ever had a job understands that you can't always say what you feel or say what you want to say at every moment. So I understand and I sympathize with mark. In that situation but sometimes all of us know that there are certain situations that are just too big for you to sit idly by and throw your hands up and if the medical advisers that we talked about earlier I think it was Dr del Rio is saying that this is the titanic I assumed that he's telling mark the same thing if not more aggressively and if Mark Emerald here's staff from him and his decision to come up and say. My hands are tied. I can do nothing about it, and if it's true, what policy suggesting that it's about preserving his salary that's something that I'd be uncomforter- uncomfortable living and I hope that Marc emery can do some soul searching and figure out if this is something that he feels strongly enough about if the health and safety of his players is something, you feel strongly enough about that. He's going to listen to the medical adviser who says this is the titanic and not allow players to board the titanic for a measly three, million dollars like he's already made plenty of money. I'm sure he's fine. So. Go ahead if this is what you are hearing and this is what you generally believe stand up and put them out there and say, this is not safe. Yeah. That was a direct quote. He said it feels like we're the titanic and arguing over when to tell the band to play guys. Thank you. I'll leave it there for the moment but this obviously is a story we'll continue to cover. Meanwhile, we'll get back to our story of the day in a moment. Is it possible that the last thing in the world you would have expected would derail the championship hopes of a team like the Seattle? seahawks. Wine next you're watching get up ninety s being. We are back on get up and this story. The seahawks waived rookie corner named Kema Severin. After he was caught on video trying to sneak a woman into the team's hotel the NFL network first reported the circumstances of his release noting that the woman was wearing seahawks gear in an attempt to disguise herself as a player. It's a story that we have treated this morning. As, both malaria because it sort of is and serious because it sort of is that too we had some technical difficulties but delighted to be able to Stephen Smith for just a moment here before he gets ready to do I, take whitchurch thirteen minutes. So Steve, taking into account the context that you were talking on I, take the other day and I really enjoyed watching it. About what what Max described as conjugal visits in the NBA's bubble I want your thoughts on this. SEATTLE. Player being released for trying to smuggle a female into the training camp addressed as I see hawks. Player. I think the most important point to point out before we say anything else is that these athletes particularly in the NBA with the bubble, and now in the NFL have been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The fact of the matter is is a very, very difficult times that they're living in right now to sit up the into say that they have to refrain. From from the from. Per Se is a huge struggled and we cannot minimize that. However, the Seattle seahawks obviously have made the right decision because you have to set the tone and make sure someone recognizes the seriousness of the situation by engaging in such an act would somebody that hasn't been approved hasn't been tested, etc etc. You could potentially ruin a season because you can contaminate not just yourself but your whole team. So they made the right decision and sending the message but I, think if there was anything that qualifies as a forgivable offensive to some degree assuming nobody's been harmed, there's anything that requires a level of compassion and understanding and forgiveness this would qualify I think it's important to say. I really don't know how to follow that up because it really unusual circumstances me actually finish it because I have to let you go by asking a real question, which is dominic brought this up earlier if the plan is to do exactly what you're talking about the now the NBA is allowing the teams that are staying to have families and other visitors come into the bubble if the plan is to expect that that some of the young players who are not married and all that sort of thing are going to live the way we're talking about for five months if that's just kind of the plant dominic saying that as a plan that has no chance of success what do you think? He's absolutely right I. mean we again cruel and unusual punishment and I said that the weeks now you're talking. I mean there's no way this is going to it's going to happen I promise you that right now i? Mean we just have to be real about this grebe brigands just is very, very important greedy. There is no way I repeat no way that the vast majority forget all forget not even a vast majority not even a minority of the players are going to subscribe to such rules. There's no spending cuts months engaging in celibacy stop it. Stop. It I mean we just have to I. saw on. ESPN MICKEY MOUSE BUT WE HAVE to be real the chances of succeeding. UH, slim to none last time I checked green and you go home every day. So do you dominate your say I see both of y'all smiling every toll model care yesterday I, do you have not seen? Jalen rose frown and five. Okay So. I'm just like we just have to be honest about what there is no chance. No chance that that is going to happen. You cannot subject professional athletes. You'll can't subject men to that kind of restriction. You. Just it's. I think it's fair to say men in N. women like it is natural animals like. Football dominate not obviously it in general to I'm to to say. Right or their natural instinct is going to eat it appropriate to not do it like you're asking me all lot like that is a natural instinct Mike. Yeah You just like Mike I Better get no arguments here whatsoever. When I woke up this morning I would hear Dominic say natural instinct is to eat and procreate. That was just wasn't what I came to work to. Do I take. Yes. I take yesterday I. Say it again today you know what Adam was created. You know something and he walked and talked in the garden of Eden would God. All he had to do was obey the rules who got him no disobeyed. that. We understand we just have to understand and accept Peter Kabul your executive producer promised you. He's in, he's in the Control Room Diane Laugh at. Me and I repeat man is watching this segment right now go to Steven Ain't don't don't know what he's talking about he's wrong day. No Right. That's. Okay. I have confirmation that Pete is laughing I'm being told that in my ear, be I have to let you go eight minutes from I take..

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