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This is the national daily welcome to November twentieth on the National Day calendar. Today we celebrate the serendipitous with the candy that it was created by accident and the need. We all have to go a little wild more after the break from our founder Marlow Anderson. Do you love to start the a day with a smile. Join the celebration nation by picking up your very own twenty twenty national day calendar visit our website National Day calendar Dot Com for our full color printed guide to all the fun and unusual ways to celebrate every day peanut butter lovers and fudge lovers alike. Come come together on November twentieth. To celebrate this hit the spot delicious treat its national peanut butter Fudge Day. A letter found in eighteen. Eighty six Suggests that the first fudge made in the. US was a happy accident. emlyn better be Hartridge. A student at Vassar College in New York recreated her cousins recipe supe- making thirty pounds of Fudge for the Vassar College senior auction soon shops on mackinac Island Michigan began selling it to their summer vacationers. And some of those shops still sell fudge. To this day we also celebrate the ridiculous Zany an off. The Wall things that folks are apt to get up to with national national absurdity day. Our history proves time and again that we love to do things that make absolutely no sense at all. If you've been craving an excuse to cut loose this day is your ticket to ride the crazy train please use responsibly. Learn more by following us at national calendar Dot Com or on facebook instagram and twitter. And thanks for joining us on our journey as we celebrate every day..

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